UNESCO & BASQUE COUNTRY original taste, at the International Travel Show Berlin (ITB)

We have always shown our weakness for UNESCO Etxea – UNESCO Basque Country Centre. We share their values towards culture, natural heritage, sustainability, promotion of the interrelation between Basque and international cultures, and the presence in local networks…

We started our relationship being partners and, gradually, we have shaped a project that now sees the light: UNESCO & BASQUE COUNTRY original taste.

A project to live our country through its UNESCO heritage, and which we will present at the International Fair ITB Berlin, an international leader in tourism. We are very excited about this project!!

Excited about the process: upon arrival, qualified staff of UNESCO Etxea – UNESCO Basque Country Centre will welcome the groups of travelers. Then, the regular go Basquing contributors and each representative of UNESCO in the Basque Country will host and bring the guests a bit closer to the UNESCO treasures. All our staff has been specially trained for this.

Excited about the program: carefully operated; where the UNESCO heritage merges with moments and experiences, people and the environment, including activities related to gastronomy and our essence.

Last Monday 29th of February; with the first training day for our UNESCO Etxea – UNESCO Basque Country Centre and go Basquing hosts, this project became a reality. Yesterday we received many positive comments on our social media sites about our initiative. Words that fill us with energy!

“Today I received a super interesting training in one of the Isozaki Towers at # Etxea Unesco Bilbao. I learned about the UN and the importance of the #Unesco … and I’ve seen these towers from the inside … (the things I could tell you !). Anyway, I hope I will be able to “ feel” and experience it all this season. Here we go!


Next March 9th, we are leaving for Berlin with the hope of sharing such a great work with all the professionals of the sector and the words of Irina Bokova (Director-General UNESCO) about a project conceptually similar, and which will launch in 2017: “The European Heritage Routes’ project is a welcome concrete demonstration of the power of cultural heritage to serve as a wellspring for sustainable economic development for communities and regions.”

Certainly, in good company!!

go Basquing team