Basque Country

Protected between mountains, facing the Atlantic Ocean, the Basque Country has maintained its peculiar thousand-year-old traditions and own language: Basque; in addition to be a reference in contemporary city planning and transformation.

If you are looking for action, you could try your best at golf, sailing, coasteering, hiking, Basque sports, surf… Beauty surprises in the culture experienced in the environment: traditions, architecture, art, natural parks and abrupt coastline, cities like Donostia-San Sebastián, one of the prettiest in the world according to CNN Travel and NY Times.

In addition to gastronomy: pintxo (miniature haute cuisine) routes, fish and meat grill houses, and 29 Michelin* stars. The wineries of the Rioja, with its vineyards, complete the offer.

All this in a small territory, easily accessible in less than 1h30′ by car.

Would you let us to surprise you?

*Highest concentration per capita of Michelin stars in the world.