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Strategic crossing between Europe and Africa, Andalusia transmits the fusion of cultures that have left their mark (it conserves the principle castles and fortifications of Europe, cathedrals, mosques, citadels, fortresses and the Alhambra Palace). In addition to joy, light, endless beaches, meadowland, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve national parks, protected landscapes, natural monuments, gardens and tropical flowers, flamenco dancing, ferias (fairs), Spanish horses and fighting bulls…

Thanks to its climate, you could practice all year-round nautical activities and leisure, balloon rides, bungee jumping, golf and rallies amongst aromatic plants, olive trees and hundred-year-old holm oak trees.

The gastronomy reflects personality. Home of olive oil and olive mills, Iberian pig breeding and caviar, seafood with a unique point of doneness, tomato with an intense flavour and perfect for eating with salt and oil, fish baked in salt or in its own juice… Always accompanied by wines of Jerez, red wines from Ronda or Malaga.

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Welcome to Madrid, undoubtedly one of the most vibrant and thriving cities in the world. A city that’s got it all, with a magnificent art collection in every corner of the city, rich cultural heritage, leisure, cuisine and a vast commercial offer to enjoy the best shops.

A modern, open and welcoming city, respectful of its traditions, offers a wealth of attractive cultural propositions. Roof terraces with stunning views, markets in its most traditional neighbourhoods that offer a rich gastronomy at street level.

Madrid is known for its tapas. They are a different way of eating and a local way of life: small bites full of history, together with contemporary gastronomy, tradition and innovation make Madrid a meeting point for the most demanding palates. In its neighbourhoods, you will find restaurants with pedigree intermingled with modern chefs that will make your stay a dream trip.

In Madrid, everyone is welcome. Hence the saying: “¡De Madrid al cielo!” (From Madrid to heaven!). We will be delighted to discover it for you.