Eguzkilore or sunflower

I have to confess that as a child I was scared of the dark. The lack of light made me uneasy. One night my father came home with a dry, straw-colored flower; he told me that its name was Eguzkilore and that it was magical. A flower full of spikes and hair that according to him, slowed down evil spirits. He placed it on my room’s door.
That flower did for sure looked brave and invincible, however, still slept with the lamp on … Until I met Josetxo, a stone lifter * in Ataun (Basque Country-Spain). A giant in every way. He competed against his partner, lifting a stone of about 100 kg using only their arms and body. It took them more than 3 hours until Josetxo won the battle. Then he came over to meet us and offered me his hand. It was as big as my head. In silence, he guided us to his cider house to share with us cod omelet and grilled steak with red peppers. When we arrived at his home, I was perplexed. In the middle of the door, a dry flower full of hairs and spikes shone. It made me realize that I would never have to hide my flashlight under my pillow anymore. If my superhero trusted the power of the Eguzkilore, so would I.
Today’s the day that go Basquing provides our guests seeds of this plant, so they can fill their home with peace and well-being. So they can feel part of our history.
go Basquing Team – Boutique DMC
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* Stone Lifting, rural Basque sport: two players compete to lift off the floor and to the shoulder, stones of different shapes, dimensions and weights. The person who lifts the stone most times on the set time wins. In the Basque language, these athletes are called harrijasotzaile.