Identity signs

Specialised partners

Professional guides, engineers, architects, historians, journalists, winemakers, restaurateurs, diplomats, athletes, small producers. People who enjoy what they do and feel proud sharing it; real hosts.

Entrance to unique places

Possibility of entering places with restricted access (such as private fishing clubs, gastronomic societies) and hidden spaces.

Good life restaurants

We choose the restaurants, tapas routes, grill houses, wineries… following the Good Life standard according to goBasquing. Each one provides each guest something special.

People who are the lifeblood of the local culture

Pelotaris, txalapartaris, dantzaris and bertsolaris. Experts in cesta punta, trikititxa and soka tira. Artisans, villagers, fishermen… who will reveal to you and make you connect with the soul of each location.

Good life accommodation

4 and 5 star hotels, with charm, mixed with typical Basque farmhouses hidden in the mountains or on cliffs where the guests are served by their owners.

Accompaniment and quality

Visibly or not we will be around to make the programme a success and the people enjoy. We hasten to care that every detail is ready as we designed.