Gilda in San Sebastián

A few weeks ago one of our guests declared his love for our Gilda. Most people associate that name with the beautiful Rita Hayworth and her mythical 1946 film; however, for us, a “Gilda” is a delicious snack; one of the famous pintxos* that fill the counter space of all our bars around here. It is quickly recognized by its simplicity and its color: a green chili pepper, an olive, and an anchovy strung on a toothpick. Salty and a little Spicy ** like the movie that premiered the same year that this delicacy was born. 

 We found it interesting that our guest had heard about this pintxo, so we took him to the exact place where it was born: Casa Vallés. The Vallés family themselves continues to run and manage this authentic space, so if there is someone who knows our Gilda’s history well, it is them.

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*Pintxos are small finger foods served at bars and taverns throughout the Basque Country.
** Note from the translator: “Salty and a little Spicy”, in Spanish, this colloquial phrase has a double meaning, referring to a person it means that she/he is fun and sexy.