Rowing Passion

The company groups that look for a rural activity, with some action, love one of our star sports: a boat-racing tradition (rowing regatta) between two or more teams of their own company.
This activity brings such a great emotion because, within the tailor-made program, we seek interaction with a local rowing team, so our guests participate in training and talk with the rowers about the demands of the sport and what it implies.
Our International travel agents, with whom we collaborate in this type of project, know that this activity is addictive. Every year there is an important competition that brings them back: La Concha flag regatta. It is celebrated the first two Sundays of September, in the Bay of La Concha (Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain), since 1879.
The energy that comes from such a large number of people congregating around this event will give you goosebumps. Each team represents a town and is identified by a color. His followers wear shirts of that color, and you can bet at different stands. The stands are installed in the old port and are packed from the first hour of the morning.
Being a popular and multitudinous event, we must know our customs and the options offered by the city to be part of the local soul. We know them like the palm of our hand;)
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Welcome to winners – 2018 La Concha Flag regatta

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