Under the sea

When you get to a meeting through a fishing village, to locate an old stone watchtower on the sea, you are sure your day is going to be a wet one.

After the presentation, the projector raises up and behind it, a giant fish tank appears: the adventure begins!

Access to the private part of the Aquarium of San Sebastian is a privilege. Visit the areas where the different marine species are raised before they are added to the display tank, see how they care for the sick ones, produce live bait, and understand the strict monitoring of the different menus according to species… A different world that the biologists that are part of this project describe with passion.

A world that envelops you when approaching the mangroves or blending within a transparent tunnel with sharks, manta rays, and turtles; all while talking to your people, savoring the most exquisite peaks of haute cuisine as your marine friends also receive their weekly ration, fed by a diver.

We drink a coffee lying on the terrace, facing the island of Santa Clara. I open my fortune cookie and I cannot help but show my surprise: “You’ll know what it feels like to swim on a reef, surrounded by more than 40 species, with two Sand Tiger Shark accompanying you on the way”

I look around. Mary from Human Resources gives me a knowing smile. My group begins to approach. I start to laugh. Life is full of challenges and I am going to enjoy this one!

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