Those sacred places

According to the legend, Lady Mari is hidden in the Urkiola Natural Park, between deep valleys and gorges.

Walking through their sacred places, shrines, hermitages and caves, you really feel why the great figures of the Basque mythology were born here. Of surprising orography, at this Biscayan reserve you can find beautiful villages with century old houses, lovingly tended orchards, beeches and oak trees; as well as several walking paths and peaks to hike.

After our hike, it is a real pleasure to arrive at the Gran Hotel Durango, at the foot of the Park, where we enjoy a swim in the indoor pool followed by an unforgettable dinner at their gardens chatting with the rest of the group.

Next morning after breakfast, the group start their strategic meetings. I’m still on cloud nine after hiking the Anboto* summit. Will Lady Mari come to inspire me!

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*Anboto (1331 m) is a mountain of the Western Basque Country, the highest peak of the Urkiola range. Anboto has always been related to mythology. In a cave close to its summit, the legend tells us that Mari, the Lady of Anboto has her main dwelling.