The show starts now

When Ignacio Oñate sends you an email, you open it fast, because you know he will make your day. Even more if he invites you to a party at one of the spaces he manages.

This time the restaurant Araeta greeted us with the metallic sound of a saxophone and a voice that took our breath away. Right after sunset, artificial stars cascaded into the garden trees.

On each corner, wooden stands were flawlessly placed into the ambiance: oysters and clams, grilled meat, sushi and sashimi, a master “Serrano Ham” cutter … Exquisite food, atmosphere and even more beautiful the people who attended the event. A perfect cozy space with capacity for 500 people in which you feel at ease! You can choose to sit in a private area between hedges and flowers or converse with a larger group of people in an open area with strategically placed tables.

Thank you Ignacio for that magnificent Japanese whiskey with which we finished the night!

go Basquing Team