The Apple cider season begins!

It is estimated that there are more than 1000 local varieties of apple in the Basque Country. Every season, the blend of different types (acidic, sweet and bitter) will make every batch to get its own nuance.

At go Basquing, the “hard work” of the cider tastings begins so we can recommend to our guests the best ciders to try.

The relationship between Basque fishermen and this drink dates back to the middle Ages. The whalers sailed to Newfoundland carrying their cellars full of sagardo (literal translation of the Basque language: apple wine), used for years to prevent scurvy.

The cider production was increasing and the traditional Basque houses began to expand their spaces, building with chestnut and stone. In these places there was always a hole for the cupelas (giant wooden barrels where they stored the cider) and a few tables where they could have a nice conversation paired with some good grilled ox steak, a cod omelet, and Idiazabal cheese and walnuts.

Eneko Atxa (Azurmendi Restaurant, 3 Michelin stars) has just officially 2017 cider season. And it will all begin hollering that famous Basque word used for more than 500 years:: Txotx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


go Basquing Team
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