Surround yourself with stars *

We opened the evening with a gin and tonic on the Hotel’s rooftop, facing the Guggenheim. We were informed that Eduardo was waiting for us in the lobby and, in 15 minutes, we had reached the side of a mountain, in front of a cube made out of glass and wood: Azurmendi Gourmet. The measured lighting, even industrial, treasured all other stars.

We started walking through the garden and visit the greenhouse. Edible plants leaving a fresh scent in the air. With this scent we went down to the front door, a huge space where you received a welcome picnic in a basket. You could choose what to do and who to talk to, if you’re standing or sitting, if you are heading to your companions or chat to strangers. A place designed to cultivate conversation, to get close to people.

While drinking some coffee, we were given some local onion seeds that were almost vanished. With them, a blog to share the experience of growing a garden: the Azurmendi ecosystem. Once again, another place to encourage communication and share experiences. A concept that, after living a few days here, we defined as “genuine Biscay “.

Big thanks to Eneko Atxa and all his team for their sensitivity towards nature and their courage to build a dream.

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* The Basque Country has the highest per capita concentration of Michelin stars in the world. Four of the top eight restaurants that boast the highest award of this guide in Spain are in the Basque Country.