Power of less

The year was 1900. The sailors were coming down from fishing with a good haul. As always, they walked up the cobbled streets of the town to a neighbor’s bar drunk a txakoli* and talked about the day at sea. Accompanying this white wine, nothing better than a freshly caught fish. Restaurateurs, to make things easier, let the prepared coals on the street in an intelligent advancement of ” do it yourself”.

They say the smell of roasting fish skin flooded the streets. A smell that bewitched customers of bars and restaurants, so that they could not resist trying the fish, sharing a table with fishermen.

Today the fame of the grill houses on the Basque coast has crossed borders. Our guests talk to the Grill chef, discovering that there is a lot of insight, technique and experience in what they do. It is difficult to cook fish with perfection, crispy skin and juicy inside.

Our preferred grill chefs suggest it is the fat on the fish (usually bream , turbot and Txitxarro), its freshness and type of coal ( oak wood , branch , oak charcoal … ) as the reason of their fantastic taste. In any case, all of them keep their secret.

If you believe in magic, come see us!

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*Txakoli (pronounced chack-oh-lee): slightly sparkling, very dry white wine from the Basque Country