Manhattan closer to Bilbao with the Jazz in the Fair saturday

I enjoyed last saturday in Bilbao. Yes Yes! I was so lucky to enjoy that kind of ambitius event, those events that arise from the guts; they called it “a day to change the world through the art and culture – Fair Saturday“. Does it sound good to you? The title promised and the day did not disappoint anybody: 203 cultural events, 42 cities and 100 NGOs benefited from a day of solidarity and support. Jordi Albareda and his team great initiative.

And it was great because I could also enjoy a jazz concert from Joshua Edelman at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Have you heard about him? A special person born in Manhattan who has brought their way of seeing the Jazz linking the Manhattan Bridge together with La Salve Bridge. Two hours show where the piano merges with flamenco guitar, sax, trikitixa and other instruments, giving life to what he called a jazz that reflects the community, communication and human feelings. A jazz that excites and enjoy to people, a jazz that helps to generate happiness and empathy between different people. And yes ¡ he succeded ¡

After enjoying it, some curiosity about what the next edition of Saturday Fair 2016 will be has arised on me and also to shape the choices that Joshua offers to the special groups that we host.

Looking forward to meet you in the next Joshua Edelman concert in the Basque Country and also at the next Fair Saturday edition to be celebrated last Saturday of November 2016. Enjoy it ¡!