Looking for magical places

Today I finished the day with a mojito, on a walkway 45 meters from the ground, in an UNESCO World Heritage place, facing the Cantabrian Sea.

A courageous initiative that comes from the idea of an entrepreneur, the Don Peppone Restaurant, and the Bizkaia Bridge collaboration, with Marta Uriarte as Managing Director.

A terrace chill-out built at the base of the world’s first ferry bridge is inspiring; especially lying on the comfy lounges that invite you to get lost in conversations, all while contemplating the light and enormous steel structure that gets lost in the sky.

Taking the elevator to the footbridge which leads to the highest point and joins the two banks of the estuary, will leave you speechless for a while. Until you then decide to sit down, and enjoy the night! Solid wood floors invite you to take off your shoes, immaculate service, cozy decoration and the main and perfect ingredient: a good company!

Thank you for inviting us to this inauguration. go Basquing is constantly looking for these type of places for our tailor-made programs.

go Basquing Team