Local soul

We give our all!

Recently we were talking to one of our international travel agent partners whom ended up asking this: is it really possible to do all that in 6 days? He contacted go Basquing to create a tailor-made program for a Dutch builders’ association. They wanted to know and learn about the urban development of Bilbao (Basque […]

A cocktail in the Consulate’s Felucca.

The Bilbao’s Consulate was created in 1511. As indicated by papers from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, the Basque and the English people created a commercial agreement to revitalise the estuary. Some of these papers are still kept in the Tower of London. At parties and official events, the Consulate welcomed senior officials and influential […]

The pearl of the Bay of Biscay

If you ask people who know Spain well what is the most beautiful city in this country, 80% will tell you that Donostia-San Sebastián. And the NY Times, CNN Travel, Condé Nast  corroborate it. At first, its natural beauty stands out; built around a shell-shaped bay, flanked by two mountains, with an island in the center. A perfection completed […]

Waiting for Saint Thomas

Tomorrow is the Saint Thomas’ Day market. A very special date in the Basque Country, especially in cities such as Bilbao, Mondragón and Donostia – San Sebastián. There is a very popular market in our town with fruits, vegetables and even cattle. Nowadays most of the locals wear traditional costumes which the farmers, in the […]

Oh la la La France!

The Basque-French Country is 20 minutes from San Sebastian by car. Only by crossing the Txingudi bay you can already feel the difference between the French and Spanish shores. In some of our programs we include special places in this area. Stéphanie, host of the go Basquing team, was born in Bordeaux (France). She has […]

Mix and Match

We like to combine options. Mix and match; get the most out of any activity. Even when we talk about walking around the city. Bilbao or San Sebastián, for example, invite to walk around, with a medieval old town that every few meters offer stops in bars where you can taste some wonderful pintxos* while observing the […]

Basque tuna

Our gourmet guests know well the specific characteristics of our local white Northern Albacore compared to the common tuna. It represents the high range of tuna, differing fundamentally for its exquisite flavor, smooth texture, and white tone. Also for its size, around 10 kilograms, which provides fat and juiciness. The Northern Albacore fishing takes place […]

Rowing Passion

The company groups that look for a rural activity, with some action, love one of our star sports: a boat-racing tradition (rowing regatta) between two or more teams of their own company. This activity brings such a great emotion because, within the tailor-made program, we seek interaction with a local rowing team, so our guests […]

A piece of Civilization

One of the most representative salt flats in Europe is located in the Salt Valley of Añana (Alava- Spain), at 60 km from the sea. Difficult to believe that this unique and magnificent place was a sea 200 million years ago! Now it is a white lake of 120,000 square meters, divided into 5,000 wooden […]

Say it to me singing

In the Basque Country music is rooted in culture. This characteristic allows us to offer interesting and very different alternatives to the groups we welcome as boutique DMC. When the Basques come together in cider houses and gastronomic societies, the lyric comes with the food. Songs of our ancestors, many of them linked to the […]

Eguzkilore or sunflower

I have to confess that as a child I was scared of the dark. The lack of light made me uneasy. One night my father came home with a dry, straw-colored flower; he told me that its name was Eguzkilore and that it was magical. A flower full of spikes and hair that according to […]


We like to play here. Play to win. In Basque “Txapeldun” means winner. It comes from the word “txapela” (beret), which is the trophy that is assigned to the winners.  When our guests win a game of jai-alai, a regatta, team building sports events based on our traditional Basque sports … even the scavenger hunt that we organize using iPads, […]

A simple detail?

We believe in the power of details. Throughout all these years of work, one of our most important values is the process we have developed so that all our programs have a common quality seal. This process goes beyond an exhaustive follow-up, is based on HOSPITALITY, with capital letters, and it is for this that […]

Making a difference

Every person is a world. That’s why from the beginning we were clear that go Basquing would be a tailor-made DMC boutique. Our groups of guests are united by friendships, hobbies, sports, jobs… Recently, we were lucky to welcome a couple united for the love of art and beautiful things. It was such a pleasure […]

Be one of us and feel unique.

For go Basquing the relationship with our collaborators is fundamental. That’s why we are so special! You can find a little taste of the great people that form DMC boutique here.  Juanjo is another collaborator with whom we share our values. Thanks to him, our guests have access to some of the best Basque gastronomic societies, […]

Traveling during Asparagus Season.

We just hosted a fun group. Their request: gastronomy. Specifically, “asparagus”, so they had to come during its season … Local producers gather around the Abastos Market in Vitoria-Gasteiz where they display wonderful fruits and vegetables. Going up to the terrace, it’s nice to see the colors of the ECO products and taste some txakoli*,  Gastheiz […]

Castles and vineyards

Insurmountable walls, castles on hills surrounded by vineyards, cobblestoned streets with palaces and shields of noble families, gothic churches, underground caves that hide centenary cellars … it could be the scene of a medieval film, couldn’t it? however, we are referring to a town 100% authentic: Laguardia (Rioja-Spain). Just one hour away from the Bilbao […]

Land of the brave

The urban development of Bilbao (Spain) is studied internationally for its model transformation from an industrial city to a city of services. We have accompanied technicians from different countries who come to learn about this transformation. We started from the Maritime Museum and sailed with them through the estuary, where they could see the main […]

Adventurous spirit

En 1522, cuando Ignacio de Loyola comenzó su peregrinación desde su pueblo natal, Azpeitia (País

Santo Tomás, Cider and a Sow!

December 21st is a very special day for San Sebastian. For the last two centuries, on this day, the Donostiarras* get together to visit the Santo Tomás Market; the baserritarras* are the main focus, who come down from the nearby towns to the Plaza Constitución (Constitution Square) to sell and display their local products and […]

100% genuine!

The txalaparta is a Basque percussion instrument that was born to convey joy. In the sixteenth century, after the making of cider, the farmers bit on the same board that pressed the apples to summon the neighbors join them and celebrate until dawn. The txalaparta is a music device consisting of two wooden planks on […]

Beach, promenade, culture, and gastronomy

When our guests ask for a quiet day that includes beach, a short hike and some cultural visit, one of our proposals is Pasajes (Basque Country-Spain): cradle of the great whalers and Basque shipyards. A town divided into two banks: Pasajes San Pedro and Pasajes San Juan. This time we started the walk in San […]

Do you want to travel in time?

On the coast of the Basque Country (Spain), between two coastal villages lies a landscape that uncovers some of the most impressive episodes in the recent history of the earth. 13 kilometers of cliffs with a formation of rock layers called Flysch which surface is a treasure of more than 60 million years of history. […]

We inspire people to enjoy the good life.

As a boutique DMC we partner international travel agents and companies creating tailor-made travel programs and events for groups together. go Basquing Team Basque Country & Beyond

Team building with local soul

In the Basque Country there are many possibilities to organize team building activities, so it is important to know our clients’ objectives. In addition to being clear about their requirements in terms of being easy to execute, we like and need to know if they are looking for inspiration, creativity encouragement , mental speed, group […]

Inspiring way

The Old Port of Getxo is a very authentic place. One of its strategic points is located in a small square. Under maples ‘shade, sipping on some Rioja wine, having a conversation with white-bearded sailors, arrantzales* fixing and working on their boats and the local farmers selling tomatoes on the walls that protected the medieval […]

Dream and reality

“That day we woke up in a stone house facing the Cantabrian Sea (northern Spain). The beach was empty. The sand, white and fine, tickled your feet; and from the shore, the waves were calling. They whispered in a slow and hypnotic rhythm, so we dragged ourselves to a Malibu XXL board. There, eight of […]

A work meeting Surrounded by waves, beaches and (Michelin) stars

While boarding my airplane in New York on the way home I heard two New Yorkers talking about Spain. One of them knew the country well. For the other one, it was his first trip. – Which are the must see cities? -Definitely San Sebastian, because it is the most beautiful city in the world, […]

Expect more than just the Guggenheim

One of the most renowned museums in the world, it changes its appearance several times throughout the day. The titanium that gives its shape absorbs the colors and the light of the sky, the estuary, the hills and the downtown’s buildings. Inside, the forms created thanks to the height and materials used such as glass […]

Carola crane

The Carola Crane recalls the industrial past of Bilbao (Basque Country – Spain), nowadays awarded as part of the UNESCO Creative Cities network, displaying a contemporary architecture with works by architects such as Gehry, Hisozaki, Calatrava, Stark, Moneo, Siza, Foster… This is a place of reference for our guests. This is our meeting point to […]

Bilbao International Airport

“I just love to see the people when they land in Bilbao turning around to see its shape and talking about its out of the ordinary dove shape” The design of Bilbao airport attracts attention. An emblematic building within the urban development of the city designed by great international architects. Therefore, the above words from […]

Green gold

We like to take our gastronomy enthusiasts to this very authentic place: the Gernika Market (34 km from Bilbao). On Mondays the villagers from around the region reunite to sell the best of their gardens and pens. Located in the center of this historic city honored by Picasso, a variety of products and stalls fill […]

Basque Fest

At Easter, Bilbao becomes a basque cultures festival. The Basque Country originated in the Paleolithic. It´s the only European ethnic group that maintains its own language that does not come from Latin: Euskera. With a millenary tradition, hidden between mountains looking at the sea, our people have maintained these customs until our days. The streets […]

Txakoli and events

Eneko Atxa (Txakoli Gorka Izagirre), with his innovative mentality, uses drones to control the fields of vines where the grape of his txakolis is harvested. To preserve this white wine made in the Basque Country since time immemorial they use millennial techniques combined with avant-garde technology. The “txakolinerías” flood the Basque coast. Yes, yes the […]

An irresistible proposal: FAM TRIP July, 10-13


An event in the market

Strolling through the medieval center of a city plagued by references to contemporary urbanism is double inspiring. When you arrive at the estuary, the largest covered market in Europe, el Mercado de la Ribera, welcomes us. In its interior you can find stalls with different local products, particularly food. Worth mentioning are the farmers stalls […]

Basque red bean soup

These days that the temperatures are low it is a pleasure to go to some farm to eat a deliciously warm bean dish. They are small local organic orchards near these typical Basque houses. Our group of guests appreciate the close encounter with the locals and they love the taste of this typical Basque dish. […]

Architecture and Bilbao

It is stimulating to start the day at the Maritime Museum in Bilbao, talking to its director, about the city’s urban transformation process that can be seen in a video projected in the museum. In this case, surrounded by our group of guests, all engineers and architects coming from Sweden, the conversation gets enriched by […]

Those sacred places

According to the legend, Lady Mari is hidden in the Urkiola Natural Park, between deep valleys and gorges. Walking through their sacred places, shrines, hermitages and caves, you really feel why the great figures of the Basque mythology were born here. Of surprising orography, at this Biscayan reserve you can find beautiful villages with century […]

One chance to break the rules

These private clubs equipped with a large shared kitchen and long tables, which you can only go if invited by a member, are part of the gastronomic Basque culture since the s. XIX, and are distinctly operated on a system based on trust. The members, organised in different groups of friends, bring their own fresh […]

Local soul

When you arrive at “La Encartada” this centennial factory of knitted woolen fabrics, time seems to stop. Transformed into a museum and surrounded by a chapel and the empty houses of the former workers, it still maintains its local soul. A place, in the middle of nature, offering open spaces that allow the flexibility to […]

Soccer for all

Mingling with the locals. This was one of the requirements of our last guests. Every year, fifteen pairs of Dutch friends visit a new place in the world. Crazy for soccer, San Mamés Stadium seemed a cathedral and the fresh sandwiches that they brought with them to the match, a delicacy! Blue sky and the […]

Is there anything to celebrate?

Since September 1953, The San Sebastián International Film Festival (film festival top class A) has hosted hundreds of celebrities. This week, Ethan Hawke and Sigourney Weaver will accept the Donostia award for lifetime achievement. The city, European Capital of Culture 2016, is prepared to impress; its landmarks filled with events, private parties and meetings… The […]

Eventos especiales

Cuando hablas del País Vasco te viene a la cabeza el color verde, las montañas y las casas de piedra y castaño, llamadas caseríos, donde se cultiva y cuida el ganado. Lo que no imaginas es que, en ese entorno, en el interior de una casa-torre donde los nobles defendían sus tierras, se esconda una […]

Power of less

The year was 1900. The sailors were coming down from fishing with a good haul. As always, they walked up the cobbled streets of the town to a neighbor’s bar drunk a txakoli* and talked about the day at sea. Accompanying this white wine, nothing better than a freshly caught fish. Restaurateurs, to make things […]

Basque Festivals

August: it is party time in the Basque Country! It is time for the entire town and city to come together showing their best identity and heritage. Wherever our guests go they can find something to be surprised and get a glimpse of our customs and traditions. Street theater, pirates’ raids, Basque rural sports, parades […]

The art of good living

The Maritime Museum of Bilbao, with its Carola crane reminding us of the industrial origins of the estuary, made even more sense when we presented a brief audiovisual document explaining the urban development of this UNESCO Creative City. We sailed until we caught sight of the silver forms of the Guggenheim. In the underlying streets, […]

The Last traditional basque tuna boat

Day of fishing in the Cantabrian Sea with our group of guests. We sailed the last Basque wooden tuna boat built using traditional techniques. Crossing the small fjord of the whaling port of Pasajes, we headed to another fishing village, Getaria. During the excursion, we partook in some trolling, our collaborators showed their talent and […]

Black power

The squid season is finally here. At dawn they are all there, near the old fishing port. Fishermen, side-by-side, are catching squid (Txipiron). They share tricks and some, if they can, show off their catch.   When the tide gets low, some visit the local harbor’s restaurant to share their day’s catch. There, they are […]

Surround yourself with Basque people and feel as one of them.

This is our experience with Gure Txoko, the oldest gastronomic society in Bilbao. These “clubs” were created in the mid- s. XIX where Basque males met weekly to talk, cook, eat and sing. It was such a privilege that they allowed us to enter this private space where you can only access invited by a […]

Go out for “pintxos”!

The streets of the oldest part of cities like San Sebastian and Bilbao are lined with bars filled with pintxo bars, small finger and bite size mini dishes. This old tradition has evolved to become a mix of mini haute cuisine experiments and traditional cuisine, some even seeking a local specialization in a genre e.g. […]

In our way to the Vizcaya Bridge*

Look to the bow. There it is. The first transporter bridge in the world. To the starboard you will see how the cars enter together with bikes on one side and on the other, the pedestrians. But that gondola is hanging from a metal structure; can it resist all that weight? I bet it can. […]


The love of sailing in the Basque Country comes from long ago. The Basques were the first ocean-going vessels to reach Newfoundland in the XVI century and its construction technique was studied as a pioneer in Europe; Elcano (Getaria-Basque Country) was the first sailor to circumnavigate the world; the sailing club “Real Club Marítimo del […]

The tale about canadians and basques

Would you like to go to a museum where they rebuilt, by hand, a 29-meter whaler from the sixteenth century? Does that exist? This is a surprise even to a group of engineers who manufacture cars. As it couldn’t be otherwise; we arrived by boat! Its director explained the history of this great project sponsored […]

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was a little mountain village between the Basque Country and France: Lantz. Hidden in the woods, a fearsome bandit named Miel-Otxin robbed pilgrims and neighbors, riding his faithful and bronco, Zaldiko. Tired of his barbarism, the honest townspeople decided to capture him. Led by the strongest warrior of the region, […]

Isozaki, tuna and the Gothic altarpiece

Gehry , Foster, Moneo , Isozaki , Siza, Calatrava … were the ones who motivated us to pack and travel across the world to Bilbao, UNESCO City of Design. Déformation professionnelle. We were surprised when they took us out of our bubble of Contemporary Urbanism to visit Lekeitio. This little town of about 7,000 people, […]

A toast to 2016?

At Christmas we sent our e-toast. Now we want to do it for real: January 21st or 22nd in Madrid, at FITUR, International Tourism Trade Fair (Basque Country Hall 9 / Stand 9C06). We believe in personal contact to strengthen relations, express the passion for what we do, know each other better, and hear and […]

Gu beti pozez, beti alai!*

*ALWAYS JOYFUL, ALWAYS HAPPY! For the people of Donostia-San Sebastián, the “Tamborrada” is one of their most important days. A gathering festival, as all of us who live abroad or far, will do the impossible to be in the city on the night of January 19th. To make our guests feel at home like one […]

The gift of the Three Kings

MAGIC WAVES IN “LA CONCHA” BAY (Donostia-San Sebastián, Basque Country) 

When things flow, time flies

Thank you for trusting us during this year. In 2016 we wait for you with new and exciting ways to share Goodlife moments. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The Rooster’s Regatta

When Christmas comes, there is a date that brings us together with our nautical collaborators. The Rooster´s Regatta started at the hanging bridge of Getxo, UNESCO World Heritage site. The 80 participant ships departed with South winds and colorful spinnakers deployed. Afterwards, the participants were invited to a meal at the headquarters of “Marítimo del […]

For a Christmas full of happy stories!

In different spots on Basque cliffs, rustled by the breeze of the Bay Biscay, grows the grape used to make the ancient white wine called Txakoli. We were there a few days ago, with a group of Swedish engineers. We visited the vineyards with José Ángel, as he explained how his family has cared for […]

Manhattan closer to Bilbao with the Jazz in the Fair saturday

I enjoyed last saturday in Bilbao. Yes Yes! I was so lucky to enjoy that kind of ambitius event, those events that arise from the guts; they called it “a day to change the world through the art and culture – Fair Saturday“. Does it sound good to you? The title promised and the day […]

Maritxu’s Secret, the chestnut seller

LEER EN ESPAÑOL In the Basque Country, the chestnut has been an emblematic part of the landscape and culture for centuries. A stunning image that exceeds 20 meters high, a fruit that has fed generations and a wood that has built farmhouses. For me chestnuts take me to my childhood, my first frost days and […]

The autumn spirit is here…

Wake up early, wrap up warm and off to the mountains! Picking mushrooms, for me, is one of life’s greatest pleasures. The smell of wet leaves, the mist that begins to fade, the noise of the woods upon awakening, the first rays of sunshine, the autumn colours, the hot soup you drink in the morning […]

El 31 de agosto, acércate más.

Más allá del New York Times. En abril de 2015, este reconocido periódico neoyorquino publicó una lista con sus 12 calles favoritas en ciudades de Europa. Una de ellas es la calle 31 de Agosto, en Donostia-San Sebastián. El artículo de Ingrid K. Williams destaca una de las actividades vascas por excelencia: ir de pintxos. Para nosotros […]

Somos más de anchoas que de abrazos ¡Y estamos en temporada!

Siendo sábado y temporada de anchoa y chicharro (jurel), Getaria se llena de vida con los adictos a este pescado graso. Un manjar preparado en las brasas que colocan los asadores por las calles empedradas. Buscando un rincón tranquilo, me senté en un banco sobre la playa más alejada del muelle, Gastetape. Viento sur, 22ºC, luz […]