In search of authenticity!

We have had a very positive response from several Russian agents who we had the pleasure to meet during the FAM tour we hosted in collaboration with Added Value, Bilbao Turismo-Convention Bureau, World Hotels y Ercilla.

They especially emphasized the warmth of the people with whom they interacted; the variety of activities, emotions and different sceneries within a few kilometers; unique places where you can organize a work meeting or an event; the infrastructure and professionalism … They also speak about the care those people put into the work they do, the perfection and Premium products. And they all agreed in one word: authenticity.
Thanks, Llya, Ksenia, Alsu, Oxana, Anastasia, Svetlana!

Your words made us so happy and we are forever grateful! Primarily because that is precisely what we look for with every program we put together; we long for our guests to feel like one of us, like one more member of our family, we want them to participate in what we are, so they can feel immersed in our way of life. And once again, we have achieved it!.