Crusoe Treasure

You can discover villages where the time has stopped less than 25 km from the Bilbao, symbol of the Contemporary Urbanism and UNESCO Creative City. For me Plentzia means peace and calm. Despite the waves and the bay being whipped up by strong winds in the winter; with waves up to seven meters, the foam seems to clean everything and its pure white color feels so relaxing.

Today there is a particularly unpolluted, and stunning blue sky. I love the feeling of the hot wooden dock under my feet leading to our fishing boat. All prepared to dive and visit the reef. Diving among anemones, algae, starfish and fish. I let a “itsaskabra” (scorpaena, scorpion fish) take me to a magical place: an underwater wine cellar. Corks sealed in a vintage pink; the message screen printed on the bottle hides beneath the sediment inhabited by 150 species.

Back to the surface under the beautiful sun and the light breeze, I look forward to tasting the wine. With small bumps around the mouth of the bottle, the sealing unwinds. Once in the glass, the vivid color and aromas of this wine attract my attention. By contrast, the silkiness in the mouth of a large reserve preserved in oak. Is this a young wine or just young spirit? A sea miracle: the pressure of the waves and the lack of light in a churning sea contribute to some surprising chemical changes.

This winery, built on an artificial reef that protects marine life, expresses the dreams of an idealist with a vine and marine soul, a marine biologist and one of the most renowned enologist.

People completely in love with what they do; spreading everything they know and love to reach the best, as Mariano Rodríguez – Arzak Restaurant (Prix au Sommelier 2016- International Academy of Gastronomy). Listen to his words about a dream becoming a real product, the “Crusoe Treasure Classic” wine: “A wine with power, elegant, long; very aromatic. Curious, and different from all Rioja wines because of the conditions under which the wine grapes evolved”.

At night, while entering the bottle’s code on the website of Crusoe Treasure to learn about its history, I think how lucky go basquing is to have all these unique collaborators.

Cheers to the ones crazy enough to follow their dreams!
go Basquing team