A Freudian Walk* with soul

For me El Camino de Santiago (+) has magic. Since the Middle Ages, pilgrims from all over the world have traveled this route to reach the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia (Spain).

At this time I remember fondly this team that began a professional team under new management. A reality they transformed into a metaphor; walking various stages of the Camino de Santiago together.

From St. Jean Pied de Port (France) and cross the mountain (Pyrenees) through the port of Roncesvalles-Roncevaux (Spain), to a nearby village, it is a 2 days.

Wake up early in a big house with a garden where you can get lost to meditate or enjoy a barbecue, with sufficient infrastructure to host a large group of people and plan common business issues in the afternoon, after making a couple of stages of about 15 km. Every day.

At the end, as always, I asked our guests: What do you get from this experience?

An ideal natural environment for a team to disconnect from their day-to-day, walk a few hours, which means healthy exercise with your team mates, alone time to reflect and moments to discuss group issues as a team, healthy fun in contact with nature…

In short, taking advantage of this unique environment to have a marvelous time.

Íñigo García-Valenzuela
go Basquing Founder

* Discuss and find solutions to a relevant topic for your company, outdoors and walking in small groups. The perfect environment that stimulates creativity!