A brilliant winery

The first thing it comes to mind when you get into Arzak (3 Michelin stars) is how good you feel. Juan Mari and Elena Arzak have been using their family home since 1897, and it shows.

It has not been easy to maintain this location, especially because, along with the success and recognition, the need for a more flexible space also increased.

It came a time when they needed to find a new place for the wines. Building an underground cellar was not an option. So they looked for an alternative solution to keep the perfect temperature, darkness and humidity: completely covering the room from top to bottom with metal-plates creating a Faraday cage (leaving only a beautiful wooden structural support beam). They instated fiber optic lighting so that the temperature would not vary and built stainless steel structures to arrange the more than 90,000 bottles currently cared by Mariano Rodríguez (“Grand Prix Au Sommelier 2015” International Academy of Gastronomy).

It has been very inspiring to have the opportunity to visit this splendid cellar. They show us that by using ingenuity, you get what you want.

go Basquing Team