We hid our guests in a unique place.

We welcomed a company’s team who wanted to forget about the world … and we did it! We surrounded them with oaks with a touch of holly, to remind them that Christmas is coming.

They left their everyday life to enter a fairytale village. At the Herriko Taberna *, in the central plaza surrounded by maples, they could take part in various traditional Basque sports, such as hand ball and stone dragging oxen.

A place where a reclusive beach invited us to practice some kayaking; where you could go hiking along the edge of their amazing cliffs or a place to lose yourself while trekking to a Biskaia’s famous fishing village where you could rest and taste a delicious grilled fish.

A place hidden from the rush and crowds, very close to our most international artist, Ainhoa Arteta.

Are you ready to disappear for a few days? Trust us!!




go Basquing – Boutique DMC
Tailor-made group travel programs and events

* Traditional bar where the locals o come to meet and practice Basque sports.