The pearl of the Bay of Biscay

If you ask people who know Spain well what is the most beautiful city in this country, 80% will tell you that Donostia-San Sebastián. And the NY Times, CNN Travel, Condé Nast  corroborate it.

At first, its natural beauty stands out; built around a shell-shaped bay, flanked by two mountains, with an island in the center. A perfection completed by the spirit that breathes in any corner: the summers of royalty, the sailing competitions, the International Film and Jazz Festival, the surfing championships, the largest per capita concentration of Michelin stars…

Many people visit San Sebastian and it is always a great experience. That is why it is a satisfaction for us to bring some soul to those sensations.

  • Guiding our guests through a genuine pintxos route, those bars that we know well where they welcome you as one of the locals. Each of them, with a specialty like the anchovies, baby squid with onions, grilled mushrooms, artichoke with foie … All homemade.
  • Enjoying the multiple competitions and fireworks organized in the bay, from a private terrace of luxury, in the middle of the Old Quarter.
  • Enjoying a freshly made cocktail on a terrace dug in the rock, on a cliff, while listening to live Jazz.
  • A private picnic on Santa Clara Island…

And how not,  eating and tasting some exquisite baby eels while invited by the Gastronomic Society during the locals’ most important day of the year. The Tamborrada has arrived! A party that , for decades, celebrates the city’s freedom from the hands of Napoleonic troops. In just a couple of days the drums will start playing in the streets. I can already feel the joy of the music and the songs that we have sung since we were children. And one more year, it will move me!!!

This night our guests will hug and smile… will feel the complicity … A night to rejoice in good company. In the company of the inhabitants of San Sebastian who, with kindness and sympathy, will make you feel from here. Tonight you are all Donostiarras.


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*Donostiarra: born in San Sebastian.