Íñigo García-Valenzuela

Founder, projects
I was born in Bilbao and I feel half from Malaga. After working for distribution multinationals for years, I questioned continuing. My answer was a trip around that world that lasted a year.
A great trip that took me back to Bilbao in order to share the essence of each place with people looking for something authentic and feeling special. And then goBasquing was born.
Delighted to meet you! waiting for you !

Stéphanie Grené

20 years … No, no, that’s not my age, but the time I have been enjoying the Basque Country. I came to study and fell in love… with Bilbao, the sea, the mountains… That led me to share this love with people who come to visit us!
Enjoying for me is sharing and that is why I love creating moments for those of you who come here. And as I really like details, I take care of them so that you feel how special you are and to take back home a little of our Good Life with you. Welcome! Ongi Etorri!