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Golf starts with “go” by go Basquing. We have explored every different alternative and ideas around this sport. We know every course, how to access each of the possibilities private clubs, and have designed all the possible routes … Our research was so intense that Basquetour, a well-known tourism institution, reached to us as consultants to study the possibility of building a golf program in the Basque Country.

Thanks to this research we were lucky enough to meet  Juan Luis Gillen, founder of the company Golf Gusto (Washington DC): “Food and wine explorer, golf reporter, and consultant”.

This is how this correspondent of the efe agency, specialized in golf, defines himself. One day he got in touch with us to propose a challenge: designing together a program aimed at golf and gastronomy fans.

To better understand people we host, we believe that it is essential to listen to international travel agents and companies that contact us. This is a clear example of the importance of this relationship.

There are a wide range of possible offers and courses to explore: courses designed by world champions; courses for the outdoor seekers: with amazing cliffs’ views or even on an island surrounded by ancient trees; courses for the exquisite: private clubs only accesible to goBasquing; and tours for both with rigid or relaxed standards …

The same goes for gastronomy: the highest number of Michelin stars for population density, a myriad of family grills that only use local produce from the area (km 0), century-old wineries in Rioja …

Before an offer without limits, the difficult thing is to choose the best personalized moments based on our public preferences. These were some of them:

–       Play at the same course where Jon Rahm learned and still trains.
–       Private visit to the Guggenheim with an expert in Contemporary Art.
–       Travel across the French border (20 minutes), towards the majestic Biarritz field (south of France), a coastal city full of Nobel history and surfing.
–       Visit the first underwater winery in the middle of the Urdabaibai Bay (UNESCO Biosphere Reserve).
–       Go to the San Sebastian market (one of the most beautiful cities in the world according to Conde Nast Traveler, NYTimes, and CNN) and then cook and eat the local products with a renowned chef.

And so for 5 days, taking advantage of the maximum time possible, living at a different rhythm and inspiring every moment. Because when things are done thinking about others, success is assured.

Thank you Juan Luis for joining us on this journey.


go Basquing team
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