Salty Whispers

For this DMC Boutique the sea has very few secrets but all our respect. Sailing, surfing, paddle surfing, coastering, canoeing, fishing … We have tried everything very thoroughly.

 On this occasion, our guests wanted to feel it without going on it: a private event for a group of people who are passionate about the marine world.  20 minutes from Bilbao (Spain), El Peñón is located between the cliffs of the Bay of Biscay (Atlantic Ocean).

A space with 3 terraces overlooking the sea and with the flexibility to personalize a celebration that will leave a mark. 600 sq meters distributed on different levels where you can listen to the sound of the waterfowl, the wind, and the waves. Also, at any moment, you could enjoy a private concert while toasting to what the future may bring.   

Underneath it is the Atxabiribil beach where, for the most advanced, we can arrange some surfboards and some kayaks …

When are you coming?

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