Visiting a palace from the last century and concentrating on the new business strategy in the tower, a circular room looking over an English garden that protects the privacy of the property; holding a meeting in an open contemporary space, a glass watchtower glass from which whales were seen in the past; sharing ideas surrounded by the spirit of a great innovator: the father of haute couture Cristóbal Balenciaga; walking on “The Way- Camino de Santiago”, moments to discuss group issues as a team, healthy fun in contact with nature; attending the event in the middle of a vineyard of Rioja Alavesa and discovering that the headquarters is located inside a wine-coloured titanium mass… Do you want to live your own story with your team? GO!

go Basquing meetings
Spaces adapted to host business meetings.
Comfortable and inspiring places. Depending on the needs of each company, in go Basquing we take care of logistics, transport, media and infrastructure (rooms for different uses, private or nearby accommodation).