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Recently we were talking to one of our international travel agent partners whom ended up asking this: is it really possible to do all that in 6 days?

He contacted go Basquing to create a tailor-made program for a Dutch builders’ association. They wanted to know and learn about the urban development of Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain), its references in contemporary architecture and the contrasts on how the city has evolved: the old and the current.

We always start by working on the concept, understanding that it is very important not to rush from one activity to the next.

To begin and get in the mood, we planned a Pintxos Tour through the old part of the city, from the heart where it was born.

The next day, enjoying a stroll, we will arrive at the estuary and the old loading docks; here it is where the urban change began. We will then meet a local architect who lived that transformation and will arrange some meetings with some professionals that worked on the project of changing Bilbao. 

This river that previously only received merchant ships, today it’s a welcoming place for the work of international architects such as Siza, Isozaki, Pelli, Moneo, Calatrava, Foster … and of course, Gehry with the Guggenheim. At the museum an expert in contemporary art will be awaiting us, guiding us on a private visit.

Once they learn about the history and the environment, the next morning we will embark towards the Cantabrian Sea (Atlantic Ocean); enjoying that evolution from the estuary itself. While we savor some delicious appetizers, we will sail to the old fishing port of Getxo, passing under the Vizcaya Bridge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Afterward, we will ride some bikes along the beachfront promenade.

After all these activities we let our guests think about it and they decide what’s next. The Basque Country offers so many alternatives so close by that we like to complete the program with the exact dose of local soul that each project allows us.

So we added the possibility of knowing an underwater winery in a natural reserve, a thousand-year-old white wine whose grape grows in the cliffs of this reserve, practice the local Jai Alai (cesta-punta) with Basque pelotaris, drive to the wineries of Rioja (1 hour away) and visit one of the medieval towns, birthplace of one of the most famous red wines in Europe, with its underground cellars and, very close by, another reference of the Gehry’s work: the Marqués de Riscal winery. A dream in the middle of the countryside …

Would you like to see a project that suits you? We are here waiting full of ideas, dreams and know how.

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