Living local stories… with Fair Saturday!

On November 24, we have a new Fair Saturday edition here. A movement born in Bilbao that transforms the entire city into a theatre’s stage, dancing, opera, performance, singing, an audiovisual show …. A trend born to change the world through art and culture … And it has been a success, sowing its seed in cities such as Edinburgh, Milan, Bristol or Malaga.
This year our guests were part of it: Experiencing the project through a private interview with the staff, going to a costume rehearsal and having lunch with the protagonists, enjoy the inaugural event in the VIP area: Premium tickets, private catering and meeting with the artists …
Everything, thanks to a very special project that had just begun. With our care and the support of the Diputación Foral de Bizkaia, we recently launched a new brand that complements the go Basquing offer: Felicity&me. A brand that brings people to the heart of the different corners of the Basque Country and Spain, through events, fairs and local events that reflect the personality of this country.
We are determined to our guests participating in these stories, deepening them and allowing them to be part of our culture, so that they come to feel it in the deepest.
Inspired by a very special person, we created Felicity & me. This is our first program!!!! And it reflects 100% the personality of the brand. Visit us and you verify it!
Are you going to miss a unique opportunity?
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