Let’s party

If you would like to organize an event in Bilbao for a group, associated with gastronomy, in a unique place, with possibilities to organize meetings in different rooms, with an auditorium for an official company’s act as well as diaphanous spaces that can be arranged depending on the needs and the size of the group… we know who will take the gastronomic baton.

Raquel López always welcomes us with a hug and a lot of energy. Together with Ana Simón and a fantastic team led by Ricardo Pérez (chef manager), they are in charge of all the Yandiola Group events. With different cooking concepts, they fill with color, aroma and flavor an old grain warehouse of modernist style: Azkuna Zentroa.

This special location hides a place where you can experiment with bespoke culinary activities prepared for small groups; a restaurant designed by Philippe Starck offers a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, a terrace with wonderful views and some delicious handmade cocktails… Organizing a party with this group is always a guaranteed success! Their delicious, bite-based catering, based on health and quality cuisine, allows guests to move quietly and enjoy all corners, encouraging conversation and a good atmosphere.

Recently they presented a new project, “The Boar”, inspired by the old English pubs; they served sophisticated vermouth and have a Draft beer station, live music for the nocturnal people, with the soul of wild boar.

We are sure that this new project, added to the offer already offered, will be a success. Because once again, they have put love in what they do.