We get a group of people to enjoy themselves sharing moments outside the work environment and feel that they are experiencing something new. How do we do this? Looking after the times and preparing the programme down to the last detail.
For example, asking the Swedish consulate for the consul to welcome our Swedish guests; sailing on the Bilbao tidal river, while an engineer, the person in charge of urban development, explains the project to a group of Japanese architects; going to the kitchen of a farmhouse where Idiazabal cheese is made with a Catalan food group; enjoy in a team activities such as surfing, sailing, golf, wine tasting, show cooking, traditional Basque sports or rowing boat regattas… Do you want to live your own story with your team? GO!

We design LEISURE and LEISURE+MEETINGS incentive programs. When the incentive includes meetings, we integrate the activities smoothly because we have singular locations, in unexpected places. Check clicking here.