How is your agenda for July? And the rest of the year? Join our team

I was one of the first people who “lived” with go Basquing their trial period. I met Íñigo, its founder, in Deusto University while coursing a Master degree in Leisure Management. I was a student and he was a teacher who clearly conveyed his passion for his work.
From day one, the team delves into the soul of the company. He explains the whys and what for, talks about the different values, shares their strategy and listens to both the interns and trainees who come wanting to be part of this great family for one or several months.
This active listening means that, in addition to carrying out some established support tasks, at go Basquing they want you to decide which is the path that gives you the most: strategy, improvement of the database, development of personalized projects, knowledge of the process and protocol of the quality of a program, search and contact with collaborators and clients (international travel agents for leisure and business groups), communication …
In my case, I started visiting some of their collaborators and Stéphanie was my mentor. Together with Basquetour, we built a specialized Surfing program and went to defend it in Berlin. After that we went to a very important Expo, in which we presented our tailor-made programs for incentives, meetings and business events: IMEX (Frankfurt). Currently, I am part of their professional team.
One of our main values is our welcoming program. We welcome guests, clients, collaborators and, also, trainees and grantees. We collaborate with Universities such as Deusto, Deusto Business School and well as with different European Institutions. We are lucky to have students all year round!
Right now we are enjoying the company of Naomi; she has come from the University of Sicily, the faculty of languages and foreign literature. At the end of June, she will be leaving us for a new destination.
And soon we will be welcoming another person who will continue to fill the office with inspiration, curiosity and good work. Would you like to join us in our internship program? WRITE TO US BY CLICKING HERE. 
Tanja Sauer
go Basquing Team
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