Gu beti pozez, beti alai!*


For the people of Donostia-San Sebastián, the “Tamborrada” is one of their most important days. A gathering festival, as all of us who live abroad or far, will do the impossible to be in the city on the night of January 19th.

To make our guests feel at home like one of us, just follow these simple guidelines:

  1. For dinner, eels are our Signature Dish. At dawn, have some garlic soup.
  2. At midnight, get yourself a chef’s hat and a drum and be ready to keep up with Sarriegui’s1 pace.
  3. Learn the song, in Euskera2 if you can, because you’re going to sing it plenty of times.
  4. Don’t lose the map where all the gastronomic societies in San Sebastian are located, as this is the only day of the year in which you can go into any of them without being a member.

Do you sign up for next year?

1Popular musician known mainly as the author of the March of San Sebastián and compositions that are interpreted in the Tamborrada.
2 *Basque language, it is the only pre-Indo language still alive in Europe.