go, go, go surfing!

For a Basque surfer, a storm in Ireland is exciting news. Last year that storm brought to our Cantabrian Sea the waves that we were waiting to celebrate the Big Wave World Tour in Punta Galea (Basque Country-Spain). Surfers specialized in giant waves from the United States, Hawaii, Portugal, Chile, Peru, Australia, Brazil and South Africa, as well as Basque surfers, come every year all the way to our coast and its protected cliffs.

Surfing was introduced in the European Continent from this coast and our waves hold the crown jewel of Europe. In go Basquing we have lived unique moments, like when every morning we took our guests (company team) in their flip-flops to a surfers’ beach next to their 5-star hotel. Or the multiple times when we welcomed leisure groups to a spectacular hidden country-house next to a wild beach where total beginners could have fun and learn the basics or experienced surfers could perfect their technique with elite surfers

There are endless possibilities around surfing in the Basque Country. We are fortunate to be partners with Surfing Euskadi, an association supported by the Basque Government that ensures their service quality.

We have extensive knowledge about the most hidden beaches, the different wave types, the expert professionals and, especially, the magic generated by this lifestyle.

Surfing is our passion and that passion moves mountains, waves, and people. Do you want to enter with us in a sea of challenges?