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Dear all, greetings from the Basque Country of Spain ! We wish you are in good health, you and your family. All our support for those who have been affected these days. We guess the business situation is delicate and we wish you strength ! We wanted to say hello and re-connect with you to […]


  Following the sanitary and legal recommendations, we are adapting to work from our homes and stay positive. We include our contacts below. We hope that the impact of this situation on people’s health is stopped as soon as possible. Let’s all take care of ourselves and each other and find the necessary inspiration to […]

An irresistible proposal. Be our guest !

In go Basquing, we create tailor-made programs for groups and companies willing to be inspired at the Basque Country for their incentives, meetings and celebrations (+). Located in northern Spain, border with France, Basque Country is a very tempting destination. It is tucked between mountains, with wild and urban beaches facing the Bay of Biscay. […]

Are you looking for some real work practical experience?

And would you like to be part of our team while doing so? We offer curricular and non-curricular traineeship experience in a company that believes in inspiration and a feeling-good lifestyle. You will get access to different activities which will help you understand how each area works. Get closer to the tourism industry and a boutique […]

Waiting for Saint Thomas

Tomorrow is the Saint Thomas’ Day market. A very special date in the Basque Country, especially in cities such as Bilbao, Mondragón and Donostia – San Sebastián. There is a very popular market in our town with fruits, vegetables and even cattle. Nowadays most of the locals wear traditional costumes which the farmers, in the […]

We hid our guests in a unique place.

We welcomed a company’s team who wanted to forget about the world … and we did it! We surrounded them with oaks with a touch of holly, to remind them that Christmas is coming. They left their everyday life to enter a fairytale village. At the Herriko Taberna *, in the central plaza surrounded by […]

go Basquing Selection

We have been building trips to suit our guests for years. We work together as a team with international agencies, blending cultures different from ours. Thanks to our extensive network of collaborators (artisans, traditional culture and sports characters, architects, historians, journalists, engineers, guides …) and our in- situ experience, we have made our guests feel […]

Connecting people

Closing the connection with an agent is one of the moments we celebrate the most in go Basquing as Boutique DMC. Ensuring that the projects woo people and that the concept is repeated is a great satisfaction for us. We have worked hard to establish a Bizkaia (Basque Country-Spain) connection with Canada and it has […]

Eguzkilore or sunflower

I have to confess that as a child I was scared of the dark. The lack of light made me uneasy. One night my father came home with a dry, straw-colored flower; he told me that its name was Eguzkilore and that it was magical. A flower full of spikes and hair that according to […]


We like to play here. Play to win. In Basque “Txapeldun” means winner. It comes from the word “txapela” (beret), which is the trophy that is assigned to the winners.  When our guests win a game of jai-alai, a regatta, team building sports events based on our traditional Basque sports … even the scavenger hunt that we organize using iPads, […]

A simple detail?

We believe in the power of details. Throughout all these years of work, one of our most important values is the process we have developed so that all our programs have a common quality seal. This process goes beyond an exhaustive follow-up, is based on HOSPITALITY, with capital letters, and it is for this that […]

How is your agenda for July? And the rest of the year? Join our team

I was one of the first people who “lived” with go Basquing their trial period. I met Íñigo, its founder, in Deusto University while coursing a Master degree in Leisure Management. I was a student and he was a teacher who clearly conveyed his passion for his work. From day one, the team delves into […]


Thanks to people like you, each moment comes to life. go Basquing team

go Basquing values

We met at an entrepreneurship’s conference. go Basquing was just starting and Stéphanie was at a crossway, willing to find new opportunities. At the end, she approached me and said: “This project sounds good to me. I’d like to get to know it better”. At that time we had no expectations of introducing the company […]