Waiting for Saint Thomas

Tomorrow is the Saint Thomas’ Day market. A very special date in the Basque Country, especially in cities such as Bilbao, Mondragón and Donostia – San Sebastián. There is a very popular market in our town with fruits, vegetables and even cattle. Nowadays most of the locals wear traditional costumes which the farmers, in the […]

Basque tuna

Our gourmet guests know well the specific characteristics of our local white Northern Albacore compared to the common tuna. It represents the high range of tuna, differing fundamentally for its exquisite flavor, smooth texture, and white tone. Also for its size, around 10 kilograms, which provides fat and juiciness. The Northern Albacore fishing takes place […]

A piece of Civilization

One of the most representative salt flats in Europe is located in the Salt Valley of Añana (Alava- Spain), at 60 km from the sea. Difficult to believe that this unique and magnificent place was a sea 200 million years ago! Now it is a white lake of 120,000 square meters, divided into 5,000 wooden […]

Gilda in San Sebastián

A few weeks ago one of our guests declared his love for our Gilda. Most people associate that name with the beautiful Rita Hayworth and her mythical 1946 film; however, for us, a “Gilda” is a delicious snack; one of the famous pintxos* that fill the counter space of all our bars around here. It […]

Connecting people

Closing the connection with an agent is one of the moments we celebrate the most in go Basquing as Boutique DMC. Ensuring that the projects woo people and that the concept is repeated is a great satisfaction for us. We have worked hard to establish a Bizkaia (Basque Country-Spain) connection with Canada and it has […]

Be one of us and feel unique.

For go Basquing the relationship with our collaborators is fundamental. That’s why we are so special! You can find a little taste of the great people that form DMC boutique here.  Juanjo is another collaborator with whom we share our values. Thanks to him, our guests have access to some of the best Basque gastronomic societies, […]

Swing & food

Golf starts with “go” by go Basquing. We have explored every different alternative and ideas around this sport. We know every course, how to access each of the possibilities private clubs, and have designed all the possible routes … Our research was so intense that Basquetour, a well-known tourism institution, reached to us as consultants […]

Castles and vineyards

Insurmountable walls, castles on hills surrounded by vineyards, cobblestoned streets with palaces and shields of noble families, gothic churches, underground caves that hide centenary cellars … it could be the scene of a medieval film, couldn’t it? however, we are referring to a town 100% authentic: Laguardia (Rioja-Spain). Just one hour away from the Bilbao […]

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards

This year’s awards, equal to the Oscars in gastronomy, will be held in Bilbao (Basque Country-Spain). We already have hundreds of ideas for these days on how to enjoy with our groups of guests: take them to a private gastronomic clubs where they could eat with the locals and share their songs and ancestral recipes; […]

Are you more of flowers or anchovies?

May is the month of the flowers in Europe … except for us, which it is the month of the anchovy 😉 One of the key dates for this year is May 15th, the day of the anchovy (Antxoa Eguna *). The fishing village of Ondarroa (Basque Country-Spain) will fill its streets with small local […]

Santo Tomás, Cider and a Sow!

December 21st is a very special day for San Sebastian. For the last two centuries, on this day, the Donostiarras* get together to visit the Santo Tomás Market; the baserritarras* are the main focus, who come down from the nearby towns to the Plaza Constitución (Constitution Square) to sell and display their local products and […]

San Sebastian, the world’s best food destination

A couple days before San Sebastian (Basque Country-Spain) ranked first on the world’s best food destinations, we received a request from a Canadian group to create a customized gastronomic program in the city. The agent who contacted us was surprised when we asked to interview them so we could understand what was the group’s culinary […]

Gathering at a 17th century farmhouse

Entering the Aspaldiko Restaurant means leaving your everyday life. A reference to traditional Basque architecture, the building was built more than 400 years ago and has been classified as a Basque Cultural Property (monument). The last time we went there, the first thing that drew our Norwegian guests’ attention (referents in the creation with wood) […]

Let’s party

If you would like to organize an event in Bilbao for a group, associated with gastronomy, in a unique place, with possibilities to organize meetings in different rooms, with an auditorium for an official company’s act as well as diaphanous spaces that can be arranged depending on the needs and the size of the group… […]

Emotional Material

This is what comes to mind when you step on the land of the López Heredia-Viña Tondonia’s vineyards. When you arrive to their door, you are warmly welcomed by Elvira. This family has dedicated more tan 150 years in Haro (Rioja-Spain) to produce exceptional wines, and after we see all the prizes and recognitions that […]

Wine Harvest Season

The Contino Winery, the first Rioja’s Château, is an amazing place to visit during harvest ; near Laguardia, at only one hour by car from Bilbao, it consists of 62 hectares of vineyard and a manor house, both along a meander of the Ebro river. After enjoying a nature walk, visiting the winery makes you […]

Looking for magical places

Today I finished the day with a mojito, on a walkway 45 meters from the ground, in an UNESCO World Heritage place, facing the Cantabrian Sea. A courageous initiative that comes from the idea of an entrepreneur, the Don Peppone Restaurant, and the Bizkaia Bridge collaboration, with Marta Uriarte as Managing Director. A terrace chill-out […]

A work meeting Surrounded by waves, beaches and (Michelin) stars

While boarding my airplane in New York on the way home I heard two New Yorkers talking about Spain. One of them knew the country well. For the other one, it was his first trip. – Which are the must see cities? -Definitely San Sebastian, because it is the most beautiful city in the world, […]

Wine, spa and art

Whenever we take our guests to the winery Marqués de Riscal we know we will get a “wow”. Suddenly, hidden among vines and next to a small town of s. XI, some forms of titanium that wave to the wind in wine tones appear. A structure created by F. Gehry (Guggenheim Bilbao) welcoming all wine, […]

Green gold

We like to take our gastronomy enthusiasts to this very authentic place: the Gernika Market (34 km from Bilbao). On Mondays the villagers from around the region reunite to sell the best of their gardens and pens. Located in the center of this historic city honored by Picasso, a variety of products and stalls fill […]

Txakoli and events

Eneko Atxa (Txakoli Gorka Izagirre), with his innovative mentality, uses drones to control the fields of vines where the grape of his txakolis is harvested. To preserve this white wine made in the Basque Country since time immemorial they use millennial techniques combined with avant-garde technology. The “txakolinerías” flood the Basque coast. Yes, yes the […]

Basque red bean soup

These days that the temperatures are low it is a pleasure to go to some farm to eat a deliciously warm bean dish. They are small local organic orchards near these typical Basque houses. Our group of guests appreciate the close encounter with the locals and they love the taste of this typical Basque dish. […]

A brilliant winery

The first thing it comes to mind when you get into Arzak (3 Michelin stars) is how good you feel. Juan Mari and Elena Arzak have been using their family home since 1897, and it shows. It has not been easy to maintain this location, especially because, along with the success and recognition, the need […]

One chance to break the rules

These private clubs equipped with a large shared kitchen and long tables, which you can only go if invited by a member, are part of the gastronomic Basque culture since the s. XIX, and are distinctly operated on a system based on trust. The members, organised in different groups of friends, bring their own fresh […]

The Apple cider season begins!

It is estimated that there are more than 1000 local varieties of apple in the Basque Country. Every season, the blend of different types (acidic, sweet and bitter) will make every batch to get its own nuance. At go Basquing, the “hard work” of the cider tastings begins so we can recommend to our guests […]

The show starts now

When Ignacio Oñate sends you an email, you open it fast, because you know he will make your day. Even more if he invites you to a party at one of the spaces he manages. This time the restaurant Araeta greeted us with the metallic sound of a saxophone and a voice that took our […]

Basque Culinary Center

Ayer tuvimos la suerte de vivir la gala del primer Basque Culinary World Prize. Lo recogía emocionada la chef venezolana María Fernanda di Giacobbe, por su labor de empoderamiento de las mujeres en situación de vulnerabilidad de su país. Un proyecto asociado al chocolate que muestra cómo la gastronomía contribuye con la sociedad, más allá […]

Power of less

The year was 1900. The sailors were coming down from fishing with a good haul. As always, they walked up the cobbled streets of the town to a neighbor’s bar drunk a txakoli* and talked about the day at sea. Accompanying this white wine, nothing better than a freshly caught fish. Restaurateurs, to make things […]

Cooking secrets

For the first time in my life the chef welcomed us before eating, telling us the secret that led him to get a Michelin star: “I fall in love with the local ingredients!” Then he continued transmitting the love for what he does, explaining tricks on how to buy and handle anchovies, how to make […]

Black power

The squid season is finally here. At dawn they are all there, near the old fishing port. Fishermen, side-by-side, are catching squid (Txipiron). They share tricks and some, if they can, show off their catch.   When the tide gets low, some visit the local harbor’s restaurant to share their day’s catch. There, they are […]

Surround yourself with Basque people and feel as one of them.

This is our experience with Gure Txoko, the oldest gastronomic society in Bilbao. These “clubs” were created in the mid- s. XIX where Basque males met weekly to talk, cook, eat and sing. It was such a privilege that they allowed us to enter this private space where you can only access invited by a […]

Just a dream or a reality?

I closed my eyes for a moment in the SPA and began to dream. We were flying a hot air balloon on a red, yellow and green mantle. In the middle of the field protruded a wine color titanium mass*. When we landed 4×4 vehicles were waiting for us to tour the vineyards accompanied by […]

Go out for “pintxos”!

The streets of the oldest part of cities like San Sebastian and Bilbao are lined with bars filled with pintxo bars, small finger and bite size mini dishes. This old tradition has evolved to become a mix of mini haute cuisine experiments and traditional cuisine, some even seeking a local specialization in a genre e.g. […]

Under the sea

When you get to a meeting through a fishing village, to locate an old stone watchtower on the sea, you are sure your day is going to be a wet one. After the presentation, the projector raises up and behind it, a giant fish tank appears: the adventure begins! Access to the private part of […]

Crusoe Treasure

You can discover villages where the time has stopped less than 25 km from the Bilbao, symbol of the Contemporary Urbanism and UNESCO Creative City. For me Plentzia means peace and calm. Despite the waves and the bay being whipped up by strong winds in the winter; with waves up to seven meters, the foam […]

Surround yourself with stars *

We opened the evening with a gin and tonic on the Hotel’s rooftop, facing the Guggenheim. We were informed that Eduardo was waiting for us in the lobby and, in 15 minutes, we had reached the side of a mountain, in front of a cube made out of glass and wood: Azurmendi Gourmet. The measured […]

Isozaki, tuna and the Gothic altarpiece

Gehry , Foster, Moneo , Isozaki , Siza, Calatrava … were the ones who motivated us to pack and travel across the world to Bilbao, UNESCO City of Design. Déformation professionnelle. We were surprised when they took us out of our bubble of Contemporary Urbanism to visit Lekeitio. This little town of about 7,000 people, […]

I can resist everything except temptation

Suelo seguir esta máxima de Oscar Wilde a menudo, así que cuando en go Basquing nos propusieron inaugurar la temporada de sidra*, intuí que iba a ser un buen plan. Llegamos al caserío**, escondido en un pueblo entre montañas. Al entrar tropezamos con una montaña de vasos anchos de cristal fino. Ya nos habían advertido […]

Maritxu’s Secret, the chestnut seller

LEER EN ESPAÑOL In the Basque Country, the chestnut has been an emblematic part of the landscape and culture for centuries. A stunning image that exceeds 20 meters high, a fruit that has fed generations and a wood that has built farmhouses. For me chestnuts take me to my childhood, my first frost days and […]

The autumn spirit is here…

Wake up early, wrap up warm and off to the mountains! Picking mushrooms, for me, is one of life’s greatest pleasures. The smell of wet leaves, the mist that begins to fade, the noise of the woods upon awakening, the first rays of sunshine, the autumn colours, the hot soup you drink in the morning […]

Somos más de anchoas que de abrazos ¡Y estamos en temporada!

Siendo sábado y temporada de anchoa y chicharro (jurel), Getaria se llena de vida con los adictos a este pescado graso. Un manjar preparado en las brasas que colocan los asadores por las calles empedradas. Buscando un rincón tranquilo, me senté en un banco sobre la playa más alejada del muelle, Gastetape. Viento sur, 22ºC, luz […]