Waiting for Saint Thomas

Tomorrow is the Saint Thomas’ Day market. A very special date in the Basque Country, especially in cities such as Bilbao, Mondragón and Donostia – San Sebastián. There is a very popular market in our town with fruits, vegetables and even cattle. Nowadays most of the locals wear traditional costumes which the farmers, in the […]

Felicity, Fair Saturday & me

The most inspiring part of traveling is immersing yourself in the culture of a village, a city or even a country; That’s Felicity&me and that’s what we did together during the days at the Fair Saturday Festival. This movement was born in Bilbao with the aim of conquering the world; it is the response to […]

Live a unique event from a crystal tower with a private concert.

Imagine that you are the guest of honour of a representative event of art and culture in Bilbao (Basque Country-Spain). For a few days you will meet the founder and the staff team of a foundation that during the whole all year creates and prepares a multidisciplinary event of theatre, dance, music, performance, poetry, video-art […]

The show begins and you have the leading role.

On November 23rd, Bilbao will host a unique show: the inaugural event of the Fair Saturday 2018. With Felicity & me*, our guests can experience it from one of the best VIP areas, reserved exclusively for them. Afterwards they will attend a private cocktail where they will enjoy a pleasant evening with the artists and the organising team-staff, whom they […]

Living local stories… with Fair Saturday!

On November 24, we have a new Fair Saturday edition here. A movement born in Bilbao that transforms the entire city into a theatre’s stage, dancing, opera, performance, singing, an audiovisual show …. A trend born to change the world through art and culture … And it has been a success, sowing its seed in […]

go Basquing Selection

We have been building trips to suit our guests for years. We work together as a team with international agencies, blending cultures different from ours. Thanks to our extensive network of collaborators (artisans, traditional culture and sports characters, architects, historians, journalists, engineers, guides …) and our in- situ experience, we have made our guests feel […]

Do you settle for just watching or do you like to participate?

Our guests like to be part of what they see. Feel the smell of the saltpeter on the cliffs; the taste of the tear pea; talk to the villagers in the market square; meet and greet some of the internationally recognized Basque dancers after their performance for more than 30,000 people …  You will soon […]