Felicity, Fair Saturday & me

The most inspiring part of traveling is immersing yourself in the culture of a village, a city or even a country; That’s Felicity&me and that’s what we did together during the days at the Fair Saturday Festival.

This movement was born in Bilbao with the aim of conquering the world; it is the response to Black Friday by people who believe that culture and art give the human being a meaning.

Its founders are Jordi Albareda and Saioa Eibar. They told us about their dream, and its essence; together, with the rest of the team and participating artists, we were lucky to share amazing moments during the rehearsals before the inaugural event. A show in which Felicity&me has a VIP and cocktail area where to experience unique feelings.

The festival begins on Friday, a sold out event at the Bilbao Arena, a  venue which accommodated up to 10,000 people. Moments of dance, opera (Marta Urbieta), a choir of more than 1000 voices, 7D holographic technology … accompanied by the Bilboko Udal Musika Band.

One of the most emotional moments was when the Basque singer-songwriter Benito Lertxundi dedicated one of his most memorable songs to Bizkaia (Bizkaia maite). Pure expression of Basque culture, he stood with his guitar in the middle of the stage. His ripped and pure voice broke to silence that remained until the 1000th voices of the choir began to follow him, in a unique version of this song.

The night closes under a full moon. 10,000 voices united singing We are the world. The next day, more than 150 cultural actions hidden in the streets and premises of Bilbao awaited us, along with such renowned spaces as the Guggenheim MuseumIberdrola TowerArriaga Theater, Maritime Museum, Ribera Market or Euskalduna Palace.

Thanks for everything you give us! The Felicity&me team, together with our guests, will attend the next appointment in November 2019.

Felicity&me team with Fair Saturday co-founder, Saioa Eibar
The rehearsals before the inaugural event.

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