Txakoli and events

Eneko Atxa (Txakoli Gorka Izagirre), with his innovative mentality, uses drones to control the fields of vines where the grape of his txakolis is harvested. To preserve this white wine made in the Basque Country since time immemorial they use millennial techniques combined with avant-garde technology.

The “txakolinerías” flood the Basque coast. Yes, yes the coast. The grape is nourished by the wind and the taste of the sea. With this information, it is difficult to resist tasting it, while resting among cliffs, oaks and beeches.

There are stories for all tastes around the txakoli. Some are pioneering wineries that surprise us by the technology and evolution in their production. Others are more familiar, they adapt to our guests according to their objectives and activities: wine tastings, company meetings, celebrations, etc. Both being a great alternative to welcome groups; even the large groups can feel the warmth of these magnificent hosts.

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go Basquing Team