Do you settle for just watching or do you like to participate?

Our guests like to be part of what they see. Feel the smell of the saltpeter on the cliffs; the taste of the tear pea; talk to the villagers in the market square; meet and greet some of the internationally recognized Basque dancers after their performance for more than 30,000 people …

 You will soon have the opportunity to live with us our local stories: closed programs for small groups, around an event representative of the local soul. 4 or 5 days full of emotions and unique opportunities!

Live exclusive stories from someone very special. A person with the curiosity to know every corner of our land, with culture to value important details, with the charm to have opened doors wherever he goes and who surrounds himself with exciting people. And most importantly, with the sensitivity to get his guests to participate and be part of the local life. 

 If you like to be hands-on, and to live your own stories, forget about just watching. Get in touch with us and we will let you know our great first story.

go Basquing – Boutique DMC
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