Fun in sight!

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe will manage to amaze you every single time, even if you have been there before. Hidden among the cliffs of Urdaibai – UNESCO biosphere reserve -, in its chapel you can see many handmade fishing boat models; they were left there by their master, right before the launch of the new boat, so that the saint will keep them safe and lead them to safe harbor.

With this in mind, after the hike, our guests were expecting to savor the best grilled fresh fish in a fishing village: Lekeitio. What they couldn’t imagine is that we were going to eat at a private fishing club, nor that their meeting would be held at a lighthouse. The Santa Catalina Lighthouse, besides having a room to hold a group of up to 40 people, invites you to know the secrets of navigation since antiquity (signs, lights, orientation, stars, whale watching, …) and to feel the sensations of a sailor. All through technological means that facilitate the understanding of the contents.

The following day Txapas and his Troka team waited for us to actively experience the area: coastering, biking, 4 x 4, surfing, air-ballooning, Traineras*, sailing in a BigSup the Route of the Anguleros ** …

Can you guess what activity they chose?