We give our all!

Recently we were talking to one of our international travel agent partners whom ended up asking this: is it really possible to do all that in 6 days? He contacted go Basquing to create a tailor-made program for a Dutch builders’ association. They wanted to know and learn about the urban development of Bilbao (Basque […]

Waiting for Saint Thomas

Tomorrow is the Saint Thomas’ Day market. A very special date in the Basque Country, especially in cities such as Bilbao, Mondragón and Donostia – San Sebastián. There is a very popular market in our town with fruits, vegetables and even cattle. Nowadays most of the locals wear traditional costumes which the farmers, in the […]

Do you want to get lost in the intricacies of an 18th century cathedral?

A cathedral that visited and inspired Ken Follett in his famous best seller. This building that was part of the medieval walls of the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz *; and now, we can enjoy it to learn about its restoration. The guided tour by expert archaeologists, is quite far from the usual tour; The tour was […]

“La Bombonera” of Europe (our chocolate box)

A couple of years ago my car broke down in a mountain area in Croatia. I entered the small town’s only bar. Inside I believe there were all the residents of the town. When they asked I told them I was from Bilbao. I went on to explain that it was a city in the […]

A piece of Civilization

One of the most representative salt flats in Europe is located in the Salt Valley of Añana (Alava- Spain), at 60 km from the sea. Difficult to believe that this unique and magnificent place was a sea 200 million years ago! Now it is a white lake of 120,000 square meters, divided into 5,000 wooden […]

Bilbao port, a symbol of teamwork.

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the Bilbao Port. A symbol that with generosity, perseverance, preparation, and teamwork the impossible is possible.    Recognized internationally for its construction techniques in a difficult environment, we have welcomed different groups of companies that wanted to learn about this project and it has had a great acceptance; we […]

Say it to me singing

In the Basque Country music is rooted in culture. This characteristic allows us to offer interesting and very different alternatives to the groups we welcome as boutique DMC. When the Basques come together in cider houses and gastronomic societies, the lyric comes with the food. Songs of our ancestors, many of them linked to the […]

Making a difference

Every person is a world. That’s why from the beginning we were clear that go Basquing would be a tailor-made DMC boutique. Our groups of guests are united by friendships, hobbies, sports, jobs… Recently, we were lucky to welcome a couple united for the love of art and beautiful things. It was such a pleasure […]

Fun in sight!

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe will manage to amaze you every single time, even if you have been there before. Hidden among the cliffs of Urdaibai – UNESCO biosphere reserve -, in its chapel you can see many handmade fishing boat models; they were left there by their master, right before the launch of the new […]

Connected by the Good Life

When I was travelling around Australia during a year off, some of the best sceneries I could discover reminded me to my homeland. I returned to the Basque Country and go Basquing was born. My heart and body drove me to one of these special places that we have here: Urdaibai, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. There, […]

Beach, promenade, culture, and gastronomy

When our guests ask for a quiet day that includes beach, a short hike and some cultural visit, one of our proposals is Pasajes (Basque Country-Spain): cradle of the great whalers and Basque shipyards. A town divided into two banks: Pasajes San Pedro and Pasajes San Juan. This time we started the walk in San […]

Do you want to travel in time?

On the coast of the Basque Country (Spain), between two coastal villages lies a landscape that uncovers some of the most impressive episodes in the recent history of the earth. 13 kilometers of cliffs with a formation of rock layers called Flysch which surface is a treasure of more than 60 million years of history. […]

Team building with local soul

In the Basque Country there are many possibilities to organize team building activities, so it is important to know our clients’ objectives. In addition to being clear about their requirements in terms of being easy to execute, we like and need to know if they are looking for inspiration, creativity encouragement , mental speed, group […]

Inspiring way

The Old Port of Getxo is a very authentic place. One of its strategic points is located in a small square. Under maples ‘shade, sipping on some Rioja wine, having a conversation with white-bearded sailors, arrantzales* fixing and working on their boats and the local farmers selling tomatoes on the walls that protected the medieval […]

Dream and reality

“That day we woke up in a stone house facing the Cantabrian Sea (northern Spain). The beach was empty. The sand, white and fine, tickled your feet; and from the shore, the waves were calling. They whispered in a slow and hypnotic rhythm, so we dragged ourselves to a Malibu XXL board. There, eight of […]

Looking for magical places

Today I finished the day with a mojito, on a walkway 45 meters from the ground, in an UNESCO World Heritage place, facing the Cantabrian Sea. A courageous initiative that comes from the idea of an entrepreneur, the Don Peppone Restaurant, and the Bizkaia Bridge collaboration, with Marta Uriarte as Managing Director. A terrace chill-out […]

Ideas that arise hidden in a cabin, surrounded by cliffs, parks and vineyards.

We have the instinct to find special places and people. We are always looking for ways to inspire. Wherever they are, we come to them. In this case from the hand of one of our collaborators, of which we have already talked about in this blog. José Ángel conveys passion, strength, determination, illusion … He […]

A space where to kiss, conspire, hug, hide, sing, jump, taste … and work

A gigantic wine storage, from the beginning of the 20th century, converted into a multipurpose space for culture, food, sports, reading, art … Philippe Starck designed “Azkuna Zentroa” as a place to unite people. As soon as you enter, in the open 610 square meters of the Atrium of Cultures, 43 pillar welcome you; they […]

Expect more than just the Guggenheim

One of the most renowned museums in the world, it changes its appearance several times throughout the day. The titanium that gives its shape absorbs the colors and the light of the sky, the estuary, the hills and the downtown’s buildings. Inside, the forms created thanks to the height and materials used such as glass […]

Carola crane

The Carola Crane recalls the industrial past of Bilbao (Basque Country – Spain), nowadays awarded as part of the UNESCO Creative Cities network, displaying a contemporary architecture with works by architects such as Gehry, Hisozaki, Calatrava, Stark, Moneo, Siza, Foster… This is a place of reference for our guests. This is our meeting point to […]

Bilbao International Airport

“I just love to see the people when they land in Bilbao turning around to see its shape and talking about its out of the ordinary dove shape” The design of Bilbao airport attracts attention. An emblematic building within the urban development of the city designed by great international architects. Therefore, the above words from […]

An event in the market

Strolling through the medieval center of a city plagued by references to contemporary urbanism is double inspiring. When you arrive at the estuary, the largest covered market in Europe, el Mercado de la Ribera, welcomes us. In its interior you can find stalls with different local products, particularly food. Worth mentioning are the farmers stalls […]

Architecture and Bilbao

It is stimulating to start the day at the Maritime Museum in Bilbao, talking to its director, about the city’s urban transformation process that can be seen in a video projected in the museum. In this case, surrounded by our group of guests, all engineers and architects coming from Sweden, the conversation gets enriched by […]

Is there anything to celebrate?

Since September 1953, The San Sebastián International Film Festival (film festival top class A) has hosted hundreds of celebrities. This week, Ethan Hawke and Sigourney Weaver will accept the Donostia award for lifetime achievement. The city, European Capital of Culture 2016, is prepared to impress; its landmarks filled with events, private parties and meetings… The […]

The art of good living

The Maritime Museum of Bilbao, with its Carola crane reminding us of the industrial origins of the estuary, made even more sense when we presented a brief audiovisual document explaining the urban development of this UNESCO Creative City. We sailed until we caught sight of the silver forms of the Guggenheim. In the underlying streets, […]


We love the feeling of being guests for a day! Living adventures we normally propose to others. This time, coasteering: trekking, jumping, diving, swimming and easy climbs, all in a tour by the sea that adapts to all levels and profiles, for both leisure and business groups. 30 ° C, blue sky and Gorliz: a […]

An inspirational warehouse

We needed privacy and all the technical resources for a group of 45 people to work comfortably. We were looking for nature, exclusiveness, authenticity and some enjoyable downtime. This is how we found this unique and fascinating landscape: Valle Salado de Añana ( Añana Salty Valley), with its old salt warehouse built in the sixteenth […]

A Freudian Walk* with soul

For me El Camino de Santiago (+) has magic. Since the Middle Ages, pilgrims from all over the world have traveled this route to reach the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia (Spain). At this time I remember fondly this team that began a professional team under new management. A reality they transformed into […]

In our way to the Vizcaya Bridge*

Look to the bow. There it is. The first transporter bridge in the world. To the starboard you will see how the cars enter together with bikes on one side and on the other, the pedestrians. But that gondola is hanging from a metal structure; can it resist all that weight? I bet it can. […]

Experience in the most beautiful Museum in the world

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao was named the most beautiful museum in the world 2016 by the magazine “Conde Nast Traveler.” So imagine the feeling when you contemplate the sunset from its atrium, while chatting with other peers, sipping on a cocktail. This is the perfect time to deepen and ask the people celebrating and sharing […]

Crusoe Treasure

You can discover villages where the time has stopped less than 25 km from the Bilbao, symbol of the Contemporary Urbanism and UNESCO Creative City. For me Plentzia means peace and calm. Despite the waves and the bay being whipped up by strong winds in the winter; with waves up to seven meters, the foam […]

UNESCO & BASQUE COUNTRY original taste, at the International Travel Show Berlin (ITB)

We have always shown our weakness for UNESCO Etxea – UNESCO Basque Country Centre. We share their values towards culture, natural heritage, sustainability, promotion of the interrelation between Basque and international cultures, and the presence in local networks… We started our relationship being partners and, gradually, we have shaped a project that now sees the […]

The tale about canadians and basques

Would you like to go to a museum where they rebuilt, by hand, a 29-meter whaler from the sixteenth century? Does that exist? This is a surprise even to a group of engineers who manufacture cars. As it couldn’t be otherwise; we arrived by boat! Its director explained the history of this great project sponsored […]

UNESCO Collaboration

Two days ago we went to the presentation of the Organization of World Heritage Cities UNESCO at the Fine Arts Museum of Bilbao. There, we learned more in depth about the 15 cities that form it, as well as its strategy from a cultural point of view. Furthermore, it was enriching to share the event […]

go Basquing on the way. Buen camino !

Do you know the Camino de Santiago? yes, the one that crosses countries; that has yellow signs, that for thousands of years people, some as pilgrims, have enjoyed for days or even months. That way that can take you from different parts of Europe walking along pathways, through woods and along roads to the stunning […]