Cooking secrets

For the first time in my life the chef welcomed us before eating, telling us the secret that led him to get a Michelin star: “I fall in love with the local ingredients!” Then he continued transmitting the love for what he does, explaining tricks on how to buy and handle anchovies, how to make a pil-pil* sauce, cut fish… All this paired with a little wine tasting that included Txakoli **

Such a treat to meet and share an appetizer with Daniel Garcia, who confessed that this cooking class, which hides in its restaurant, serves him to relax from the stress of his own kitchen.

After starting our dining experience with such a welcome, each dish on the menu made perfect sense.

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*Pil-pil: Typical sauce from Bizkaia made ​​with salt cod, garlic, chili flakes and olive oil; constant motion allows the olive oil and salt cod to emulsify into the fantastic pil-pil sauce. The name ” pil-pil ” comes from the sound the bubbling olive oil makes as the dish cooks in the casserole dish.
**Txakoli: Millenary Basque white wine produced with a grape variety that grows by the sea.