Connecting people

Closing the connection with an agent is one of the moments we celebrate the most in go Basquing as Boutique DMC. Ensuring that the projects woo people and that the concept is repeated is a great satisfaction for us.

We have worked hard to establish a Bizkaia (Basque Country-Spain) connection with Canada and it has paid off. It all started at the Montreal fair, thanks to a project carried out with the Provincial Council of Bilbao-Bizkaia. We introduced ourselves to professional agents, we showed them the destination and invited them to come and discover our country. That’s how we convinced them to become ambassadors of the Basque Country.

These agents were really attracted by our gastronomical culture and partnered up with a chef in Montreal, the director of a renowned cooking school. A signature trip arose from the synergy between the agent, chef and us, called Boutique DMC, which has been repeated twice and which will be repeated again in 2019. A long-term project (12 days) with a single venue in Bilbao.

These are programs which explore the local level. Our group of guests, in addition to watching, comes to take part. Enter the canning industry that maintains fishing villages; go up to privileged terraces hidden among the titanium of the Guggenheim; navigate the river to see the urban development of Bilbao – Unesco Creative City; talk to Michelin-starred chefs; take a break among vineyards on the cliffs of a Unesco Biosphere Reserve, tasting an age-old white wine*; go down into the underground labyrinths of ancient Rioja wine cellars; try different pintxos in the middle of a medieval old town; learn in a gastronomic workshop inside a glass building built by Moneo (Pritzker 1996) and integrated next to the sea in San Sebastián, one of the most beautiful cities in the world…

We will continue to work to connect people and cultures. Because building and strengthening this connection makes us grow as Boutique DMC.




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