We give our all!

Recently we were talking to one of our international travel agent partners whom ended up asking this: is it really possible to do all that in 6 days? He contacted go Basquing to create a tailor-made program for a Dutch builders’ association. They wanted to know and learn about the urban development of Bilbao (Basque […]

A cocktail in the Consulate’s Felucca.

The Bilbao’s Consulate was created in 1511. As indicated by papers from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, the Basque and the English people created a commercial agreement to revitalise the estuary. Some of these papers are still kept in the Tower of London. At parties and official events, the Consulate welcomed senior officials and influential […]

Do you want to get lost in the intricacies of an 18th century cathedral?

A cathedral that visited and inspired Ken Follett in his famous best seller. This building that was part of the medieval walls of the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz *; and now, we can enjoy it to learn about its restoration. The guided tour by expert archaeologists, is quite far from the usual tour; The tour was […]

Oh la la La France!

The Basque-French Country is 20 minutes from San Sebastian by car. Only by crossing the Txingudi bay you can already feel the difference between the French and Spanish shores. In some of our programs we include special places in this area. Stéphanie, host of the go Basquing team, was born in Bordeaux (France). She has […]

We hid our guests in a unique place.

We welcomed a company’s team who wanted to forget about the world … and we did it! We surrounded them with oaks with a touch of holly, to remind them that Christmas is coming. They left their everyday life to enter a fairytale village. At the Herriko Taberna *, in the central plaza surrounded by […]

“La Bombonera” of Europe (our chocolate box)

A couple of years ago my car broke down in a mountain area in Croatia. I entered the small town’s only bar. Inside I believe there were all the residents of the town. When they asked I told them I was from Bilbao. I went on to explain that it was a city in the […]

Basque tuna

Our gourmet guests know well the specific characteristics of our local white Northern Albacore compared to the common tuna. It represents the high range of tuna, differing fundamentally for its exquisite flavor, smooth texture, and white tone. Also for its size, around 10 kilograms, which provides fat and juiciness. The Northern Albacore fishing takes place […]

Rowing Passion

The company groups that look for a rural activity, with some action, love one of our star sports: a boat-racing tradition (rowing regatta) between two or more teams of their own company. This activity brings such a great emotion because, within the tailor-made program, we seek interaction with a local rowing team, so our guests […]

By sea, by road.

The Basque Country (Spain) looks completely different depending on whether you see it from land or from the sea. There are areas of the coast especially beautiful when you see them from a boat, for example, Pasajes, hidden along a fjord, as well as San Sebastián, with a shell-shaped bay and the Santa Clara island in […]

Bilbao port, a symbol of teamwork.

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the Bilbao Port. A symbol that with generosity, perseverance, preparation, and teamwork the impossible is possible.    Recognized internationally for its construction techniques in a difficult environment, we have welcomed different groups of companies that wanted to learn about this project and it has had a great acceptance; we […]

Say it to me singing

In the Basque Country music is rooted in culture. This characteristic allows us to offer interesting and very different alternatives to the groups we welcome as boutique DMC. When the Basques come together in cider houses and gastronomic societies, the lyric comes with the food. Songs of our ancestors, many of them linked to the […]

Salty Whispers

For this DMC Boutique the sea has very few secrets but all our respect. Sailing, surfing, paddle surfing, coastering, canoeing, fishing … We have tried everything very thoroughly.  On this occasion, our guests wanted to feel it without going on it: a private event for a group of people who are passionate about the marine […]

Castles and vineyards

Insurmountable walls, castles on hills surrounded by vineyards, cobblestoned streets with palaces and shields of noble families, gothic churches, underground caves that hide centenary cellars … it could be the scene of a medieval film, couldn’t it? however, we are referring to a town 100% authentic: Laguardia (Rioja-Spain). Just one hour away from the Bilbao […]

MTV EMA – Bilbao 2018, Live it up!

On November 3rd and 4th, the Bizkaia Arena and the San Mamés Football Stadium will host the MTV European Music Awards’ mega concert and awards ceremony. A special year, the 25th anniversary of these awards, and a special venue, Bilbao – Best European City 2018. For a few days, the music’s energy will fill the streets. […]

Land of the brave

The urban development of Bilbao (Spain) is studied internationally for its model transformation from an industrial city to a city of services. We have accompanied technicians from different countries who come to learn about this transformation. We started from the Maritime Museum and sailed with them through the estuary, where they could see the main […]

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards

This year’s awards, equal to the Oscars in gastronomy, will be held in Bilbao (Basque Country-Spain). We already have hundreds of ideas for these days on how to enjoy with our groups of guests: take them to a private gastronomic clubs where they could eat with the locals and share their songs and ancestral recipes; […]

Are you more of flowers or anchovies?

May is the month of the flowers in Europe … except for us, which it is the month of the anchovy 😉 One of the key dates for this year is May 15th, the day of the anchovy (Antxoa Eguna *). The fishing village of Ondarroa (Basque Country-Spain) will fill its streets with small local […]

Fun in sight!

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe will manage to amaze you every single time, even if you have been there before. Hidden among the cliffs of Urdaibai – UNESCO biosphere reserve -, in its chapel you can see many handmade fishing boat models; they were left there by their master, right before the launch of the new […]

Adventurous spirit

En 1522, cuando Ignacio de Loyola comenzó su peregrinación desde su pueblo natal, Azpeitia (País

In search of authenticity!

We have had a very positive response from several Russian agents who we had the pleasure to meet during the FAM tour we hosted in collaboration with Added Value, Bilbao Turismo-Convention Bureau, World Hotels y Ercilla. They especially emphasized the warmth of the people with whom they interacted; the variety of activities, emotions and different […]

Make a wish

Our agent in Germany requested a warm and special surprise to welcome a group of guests. We spoke with Joshua Edelman, our New York partner based in Bilbao (Basque Country) and the ideas began to flow. For the welcoming reception we put together a fabulous group of Basque and American musicians as well as exceptional […]

Hidden treasures

In the Basque Country, in the waters of the Cantabrian Sea, you can find one of the oldest sailing clubs in Spain. In order to bid farewell to the year, it organizes a regatta which ends at a suspension bridge declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Afterwards, all the sailors of the more than […]

Santo Tomás, Cider and a Sow!

December 21st is a very special day for San Sebastian. For the last two centuries, on this day, the Donostiarras* get together to visit the Santo Tomás Market; the baserritarras* are the main focus, who come down from the nearby towns to the Plaza Constitución (Constitution Square) to sell and display their local products and […]

San Sebastian, the world’s best food destination

A couple days before San Sebastian (Basque Country-Spain) ranked first on the world’s best food destinations, we received a request from a Canadian group to create a customized gastronomic program in the city. The agent who contacted us was surprised when we asked to interview them so we could understand what was the group’s culinary […]

Gathering at a 17th century farmhouse

Entering the Aspaldiko Restaurant means leaving your everyday life. A reference to traditional Basque architecture, the building was built more than 400 years ago and has been classified as a Basque Cultural Property (monument). The last time we went there, the first thing that drew our Norwegian guests’ attention (referents in the creation with wood) […]

Let’s party

If you would like to organize an event in Bilbao for a group, associated with gastronomy, in a unique place, with possibilities to organize meetings in different rooms, with an auditorium for an official company’s act as well as diaphanous spaces that can be arranged depending on the needs and the size of the group… […]

Gymkhana at the Bilbao’s Old Town

If you see a crew with a txapela* and an arrantzale’s* scarf tied to their necks, iPad in hand, walking around the medieval quarters of Bilbao: It is us. It is very difficult to resist the proposal of playing an obstacle race (gymkhana), supported with technology, and with the aim of being part of the […]

Sustainable business centre

“It looks like you’re in the bow of a glass vessel, docked in front of the Guggenheim Museum”. This was one of the comments we heard at the last event organized at the Torre Iberdrola Bilbao (Spain). An emblematic building referenced by its design, technology and sustainability, built by the same architect that built the […]

Emotional Material

This is what comes to mind when you step on the land of the López Heredia-Viña Tondonia’s vineyards. When you arrive to their door, you are warmly welcomed by Elvira. This family has dedicated more tan 150 years in Haro (Rioja-Spain) to produce exceptional wines, and after we see all the prizes and recognitions that […]

100% genuine!

The txalaparta is a Basque percussion instrument that was born to convey joy. In the sixteenth century, after the making of cider, the farmers bit on the same board that pressed the apples to summon the neighbors join them and celebrate until dawn. The txalaparta is a music device consisting of two wooden planks on […]


Having a close person that makes your life easier, is priceless!. For a company like ours, it is essential to collaborate with professionals who breathe positive attitude, make things flow, know how to react to unforeseen circumstances, and are empathetic with our guests, etc. Txapas is one of them. He says he is not adventurous, […]

Artisans of the Good Life

Hosting group of guests and guide them to connect with the local soul has its own art. Listening, knowing preferences, creating a quality program or event that makes sense to everyone … it has a lot of hospitality, flexibility and professionalism. Due to this, specialised artisans collaborate with us to make each program become a […]

Jazz & Wine

Organizing any type of event with a collaborator like Joshua Edelman is always a privilege which can only happen in Bilbao, Creative City UNESCO. He is a pianist, composer, producer and educator who we had the privilege to meet thanks to our friends from Fair Saturday. A New Yorker in love with Bilbao and passionate […]

Wine Harvest Season

The Contino Winery, the first Rioja’s Château, is an amazing place to visit during harvest ; near Laguardia, at only one hour by car from Bilbao, it consists of 62 hectares of vineyard and a manor house, both along a meander of the Ebro river. After enjoying a nature walk, visiting the winery makes you […]

Beach, promenade, culture, and gastronomy

When our guests ask for a quiet day that includes beach, a short hike and some cultural visit, one of our proposals is Pasajes (Basque Country-Spain): cradle of the great whalers and Basque shipyards. A town divided into two banks: Pasajes San Pedro and Pasajes San Juan. This time we started the walk in San […]

Do you want to travel in time?

On the coast of the Basque Country (Spain), between two coastal villages lies a landscape that uncovers some of the most impressive episodes in the recent history of the earth. 13 kilometers of cliffs with a formation of rock layers called Flysch which surface is a treasure of more than 60 million years of history. […]

We inspire people to enjoy the good life.

As a boutique DMC we partner international travel agents and companies creating tailor-made travel programs and events for groups together. go Basquing Team Basque Country & Beyond

Team building with local soul

In the Basque Country there are many possibilities to organize team building activities, so it is important to know our clients’ objectives. In addition to being clear about their requirements in terms of being easy to execute, we like and need to know if they are looking for inspiration, creativity encouragement , mental speed, group […]

Personalise your moment!

Being able to attend a private recital by Ainhoa ​​Arteta or the Orfeón Donostiarra in a Dominican convent from the 16th century, by the sea, is a privilege that you can live in San Sebastián (Basque Country-Spain). In 1932 This place became in 1932 the San Telmo Museum. A space where you can learn and […]

Inspiring way

The Old Port of Getxo is a very authentic place. One of its strategic points is located in a small square. Under maples ‘shade, sipping on some Rioja wine, having a conversation with white-bearded sailors, arrantzales* fixing and working on their boats and the local farmers selling tomatoes on the walls that protected the medieval […]

Dream and reality

“That day we woke up in a stone house facing the Cantabrian Sea (northern Spain). The beach was empty. The sand, white and fine, tickled your feet; and from the shore, the waves were calling. They whispered in a slow and hypnotic rhythm, so we dragged ourselves to a Malibu XXL board. There, eight of […]

Looking for magical places

Today I finished the day with a mojito, on a walkway 45 meters from the ground, in an UNESCO World Heritage place, facing the Cantabrian Sea. A courageous initiative that comes from the idea of an entrepreneur, the Don Peppone Restaurant, and the Bizkaia Bridge collaboration, with Marta Uriarte as Managing Director. A terrace chill-out […]


It still resonates in my head the laughter of our last group of guests; a group of professionals from a well-known financial company. We love the feeling when our guests enjoy the activities that we so carefully put together! For this particular visit, they were so brave and sailed the Getxo’s Abra on magnificent J80 […]

A work meeting Surrounded by waves, beaches and (Michelin) stars

While boarding my airplane in New York on the way home I heard two New Yorkers talking about Spain. One of them knew the country well. For the other one, it was his first trip. – Which are the must see cities? -Definitely San Sebastian, because it is the most beautiful city in the world, […]

Wine, spa and art

Whenever we take our guests to the winery Marqués de Riscal we know we will get a “wow”. Suddenly, hidden among vines and next to a small town of s. XI, some forms of titanium that wave to the wind in wine tones appear. A structure created by F. Gehry (Guggenheim Bilbao) welcoming all wine, […]

Ideas that arise hidden in a cabin, surrounded by cliffs, parks and vineyards.

We have the instinct to find special places and people. We are always looking for ways to inspire. Wherever they are, we come to them. In this case from the hand of one of our collaborators, of which we have already talked about in this blog. José Ángel conveys passion, strength, determination, illusion … He […]

A space where to kiss, conspire, hug, hide, sing, jump, taste … and work

A gigantic wine storage, from the beginning of the 20th century, converted into a multipurpose space for culture, food, sports, reading, art … Philippe Starck designed “Azkuna Zentroa” as a place to unite people. As soon as you enter, in the open 610 square meters of the Atrium of Cultures, 43 pillar welcome you; they […]

Expect more than just the Guggenheim

One of the most renowned museums in the world, it changes its appearance several times throughout the day. The titanium that gives its shape absorbs the colors and the light of the sky, the estuary, the hills and the downtown’s buildings. Inside, the forms created thanks to the height and materials used such as glass […]

Did you know that one of the best Congress Centers in the world is in Bilbao?

Euskalduna Palace Conference and Performing Arts Centre roses out of the ashes of the old Euskalduna shipyards, the last shipyard where ships were built and repaired in Bilbao (Basque Country – Spain). The palace is projected like a gigantic old ship, in perpetual construction, beside the estuary and with a rusty exterior due to the […]

Carola crane

The Carola Crane recalls the industrial past of Bilbao (Basque Country – Spain), nowadays awarded as part of the UNESCO Creative Cities network, displaying a contemporary architecture with works by architects such as Gehry, Hisozaki, Calatrava, Stark, Moneo, Siza, Foster… This is a place of reference for our guests. This is our meeting point to […]

Bilbao International Airport

“I just love to see the people when they land in Bilbao turning around to see its shape and talking about its out of the ordinary dove shape” The design of Bilbao airport attracts attention. An emblematic building within the urban development of the city designed by great international architects. Therefore, the above words from […]

Night at the Museum

Starry night in the cloister of the San Telmo Museum. Our group of guests are enjoying the candle-lit conversation. When people are enjoying themselves is noticeable in the air and the energy travels through the walls of this former Dominican Convent from the mid 16th century. Inside, our collaborators await to make sure all goes […]

Inspiring places

One of the oldest sailing clubs in Spain is the Real Club Marítimo del Abra, which held the first regatta of the King’s Cup. Located at the mouth of the Nervión River, 10 minutes from Bilbao, this is a privileged place to practice sailing safely. In addition to regattas between company teams for experienced sailors, […]

Wanna play?

Regardless of your age, there is an activity that reminds us that we are still young at heart: play. Maybe from that, Txapas (Jabier Fuertes Udaondo-Troka abentura) radiates energy and as soon as we see him we get this unstoppable wish to start a game. It may have something to do with the immense beach […]

Txakoli and events

Eneko Atxa (Txakoli Gorka Izagirre), with his innovative mentality, uses drones to control the fields of vines where the grape of his txakolis is harvested. To preserve this white wine made in the Basque Country since time immemorial they use millennial techniques combined with avant-garde technology. The “txakolinerías” flood the Basque coast. Yes, yes the […]

An event in the market

Strolling through the medieval center of a city plagued by references to contemporary urbanism is double inspiring. When you arrive at the estuary, the largest covered market in Europe, el Mercado de la Ribera, welcomes us. In its interior you can find stalls with different local products, particularly food. Worth mentioning are the farmers stalls […]

Special collaborations

We were happy to learn that a brand like Mini (BMW group) chose the Basque Country for the launch of its new Countryman model. But even more when our partner FLOW called us to collaborate with GPJ (George P.Johnson), supporting the logistics and the welcome of the participating groups (from different markets) who wanted to […]

Architecture and Bilbao

It is stimulating to start the day at the Maritime Museum in Bilbao, talking to its director, about the city’s urban transformation process that can be seen in a video projected in the museum. In this case, surrounded by our group of guests, all engineers and architects coming from Sweden, the conversation gets enriched by […]

Those sacred places

According to the legend, Lady Mari is hidden in the Urkiola Natural Park, between deep valleys and gorges. Walking through their sacred places, shrines, hermitages and caves, you really feel why the great figures of the Basque mythology were born here. Of surprising orography, at this Biscayan reserve you can find beautiful villages with century […]

A brilliant winery

The first thing it comes to mind when you get into Arzak (3 Michelin stars) is how good you feel. Juan Mari and Elena Arzak have been using their family home since 1897, and it shows. It has not been easy to maintain this location, especially because, along with the success and recognition, the need […]

One chance to break the rules

These private clubs equipped with a large shared kitchen and long tables, which you can only go if invited by a member, are part of the gastronomic Basque culture since the s. XIX, and are distinctly operated on a system based on trust. The members, organised in different groups of friends, bring their own fresh […]

The Apple cider season begins!

It is estimated that there are more than 1000 local varieties of apple in the Basque Country. Every season, the blend of different types (acidic, sweet and bitter) will make every batch to get its own nuance. At go Basquing, the “hard work” of the cider tastings begins so we can recommend to our guests […]

Local soul

When you arrive at “La Encartada” this centennial factory of knitted woolen fabrics, time seems to stop. Transformed into a museum and surrounded by a chapel and the empty houses of the former workers, it still maintains its local soul. A place, in the middle of nature, offering open spaces that allow the flexibility to […]

The show starts now

When Ignacio Oñate sends you an email, you open it fast, because you know he will make your day. Even more if he invites you to a party at one of the spaces he manages. This time the restaurant Araeta greeted us with the metallic sound of a saxophone and a voice that took our […]

Soccer for all

Mingling with the locals. This was one of the requirements of our last guests. Every year, fifteen pairs of Dutch friends visit a new place in the world. Crazy for soccer, San Mamés Stadium seemed a cathedral and the fresh sandwiches that they brought with them to the match, a delicacy! Blue sky and the […]

Is there anything to celebrate?

Since September 1953, The San Sebastián International Film Festival (film festival top class A) has hosted hundreds of celebrities. This week, Ethan Hawke and Sigourney Weaver will accept the Donostia award for lifetime achievement. The city, European Capital of Culture 2016, is prepared to impress; its landmarks filled with events, private parties and meetings… The […]

Basque Culinary Center

Ayer tuvimos la suerte de vivir la gala del primer Basque Culinary World Prize. Lo recogía emocionada la chef venezolana María Fernanda di Giacobbe, por su labor de empoderamiento de las mujeres en situación de vulnerabilidad de su país. Un proyecto asociado al chocolate que muestra cómo la gastronomía contribuye con la sociedad, más allá […]

Eventos especiales

Cuando hablas del País Vasco te viene a la cabeza el color verde, las montañas y las casas de piedra y castaño, llamadas caseríos, donde se cultiva y cuida el ganado. Lo que no imaginas es que, en ese entorno, en el interior de una casa-torre donde los nobles defendían sus tierras, se esconda una […]

Ready for a kayak ride????

Maialen Chourraut just took home her first gold medal in K-1 Women’s kayak single at the Olympic Games in Rio. She is now back to San Sebastian, her Club, and the bay that saw her grow into an athlete. We are proud. We know this great athlete first hand, especially his national team coach Xabier […]


When go Basquing called me to explain that they needed a Wow moment for their guests I thought ” just what I like: surprises”. They wanted something that would put “the icing on the cake” before the gala dinner, integrating it into the other activities that followed and that included German urban artists. Located inside […]


We love the feeling of being guests for a day! Living adventures we normally propose to others. This time, coasteering: trekking, jumping, diving, swimming and easy climbs, all in a tour by the sea that adapts to all levels and profiles, for both leisure and business groups. 30 ° C, blue sky and Gorliz: a […]

The Last traditional basque tuna boat

Day of fishing in the Cantabrian Sea with our group of guests. We sailed the last Basque wooden tuna boat built using traditional techniques. Crossing the small fjord of the whaling port of Pasajes, we headed to another fishing village, Getaria. During the excursion, we partook in some trolling, our collaborators showed their talent and […]

An inspirational warehouse

We needed privacy and all the technical resources for a group of 45 people to work comfortably. We were looking for nature, exclusiveness, authenticity and some enjoyable downtime. This is how we found this unique and fascinating landscape: Valle Salado de Añana ( Añana Salty Valley), with its old salt warehouse built in the sixteenth […]

Cooking secrets

For the first time in my life the chef welcomed us before eating, telling us the secret that led him to get a Michelin star: “I fall in love with the local ingredients!” Then he continued transmitting the love for what he does, explaining tricks on how to buy and handle anchovies, how to make […]


Surfing, sailing, golf, windsurfing, trekking and paddle surfing are some of the proposals for our active guests. Our city next week celebrates the IBERDROLA BILBAO WORLD SUP CHALLENGE (program). Do not miss it!

Surround yourself with Basque people and feel as one of them.

This is our experience with Gure Txoko, the oldest gastronomic society in Bilbao. These “clubs” were created in the mid- s. XIX where Basque males met weekly to talk, cook, eat and sing. It was such a privilege that they allowed us to enter this private space where you can only access invited by a […]

Just a dream or a reality?

I closed my eyes for a moment in the SPA and began to dream. We were flying a hot air balloon on a red, yellow and green mantle. In the middle of the field protruded a wine color titanium mass*. When we landed 4×4 vehicles were waiting for us to tour the vineyards accompanied by […]

Waves or yoga?

We woke up in a hotel with over 100 years of history, in a city European Capital of Culture 2016, with a shell-shaped bay and a pearl-shaped island in the middle. The views from the terrace were great. The most amazing remark about breakfast was that, even though our group was large and heterogeneous, it […]

Go out for “pintxos”!

The streets of the oldest part of cities like San Sebastian and Bilbao are lined with bars filled with pintxo bars, small finger and bite size mini dishes. This old tradition has evolved to become a mix of mini haute cuisine experiments and traditional cuisine, some even seeking a local specialization in a genre e.g. […]

A Freudian Walk* with soul

For me El Camino de Santiago (+) has magic. Since the Middle Ages, pilgrims from all over the world have traveled this route to reach the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia (Spain). At this time I remember fondly this team that began a professional team under new management. A reality they transformed into […]

In our way to the Vizcaya Bridge*

Look to the bow. There it is. The first transporter bridge in the world. To the starboard you will see how the cars enter together with bikes on one side and on the other, the pedestrians. But that gondola is hanging from a metal structure; can it resist all that weight? I bet it can. […]

Under the sea

When you get to a meeting through a fishing village, to locate an old stone watchtower on the sea, you are sure your day is going to be a wet one. After the presentation, the projector raises up and behind it, a giant fish tank appears: the adventure begins! Access to the private part of […]

Experience in the most beautiful Museum in the world

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao was named the most beautiful museum in the world 2016 by the magazine “Conde Nast Traveler.” So imagine the feeling when you contemplate the sunset from its atrium, while chatting with other peers, sipping on a cocktail. This is the perfect time to deepen and ask the people celebrating and sharing […]

Crusoe Treasure

You can discover villages where the time has stopped less than 25 km from the Bilbao, symbol of the Contemporary Urbanism and UNESCO Creative City. For me Plentzia means peace and calm. Despite the waves and the bay being whipped up by strong winds in the winter; with waves up to seven meters, the foam […]


The love of sailing in the Basque Country comes from long ago. The Basques were the first ocean-going vessels to reach Newfoundland in the XVI century and its construction technique was studied as a pioneer in Europe; Elcano (Getaria-Basque Country) was the first sailor to circumnavigate the world; the sailing club “Real Club Marítimo del […]

Surround yourself with stars *

We opened the evening with a gin and tonic on the Hotel’s rooftop, facing the Guggenheim. We were informed that Eduardo was waiting for us in the lobby and, in 15 minutes, we had reached the side of a mountain, in front of a cube made out of glass and wood: Azurmendi Gourmet. The measured […]

Isozaki, tuna and the Gothic altarpiece

Gehry , Foster, Moneo , Isozaki , Siza, Calatrava … were the ones who motivated us to pack and travel across the world to Bilbao, UNESCO City of Design. Déformation professionnelle. We were surprised when they took us out of our bubble of Contemporary Urbanism to visit Lekeitio. This little town of about 7,000 people, […]

I can resist everything except temptation

Suelo seguir esta máxima de Oscar Wilde a menudo, así que cuando en go Basquing nos propusieron inaugurar la temporada de sidra*, intuí que iba a ser un buen plan. Llegamos al caserío**, escondido en un pueblo entre montañas. Al entrar tropezamos con una montaña de vasos anchos de cristal fino. Ya nos habían advertido […]

Gu beti pozez, beti alai!*

*ALWAYS JOYFUL, ALWAYS HAPPY! For the people of Donostia-San Sebastián, the “Tamborrada” is one of their most important days. A gathering festival, as all of us who live abroad or far, will do the impossible to be in the city on the night of January 19th. To make our guests feel at home like one […]

The Rooster’s Regatta

When Christmas comes, there is a date that brings us together with our nautical collaborators. The Rooster´s Regatta started at the hanging bridge of Getxo, UNESCO World Heritage site. The 80 participant ships departed with South winds and colorful spinnakers deployed. Afterwards, the participants were invited to a meal at the headquarters of “Marítimo del […]

It’s time to surf!!!

On days like today with southerly winds and high tides, I always end up somewhere along the coast, admiring the big waves and their foam. The winter light further emphasizes the pure white color, what a spectacular view! It is at this moment that I catch myself thinking of our go Basquing surf-addict guests and […]

Manhattan closer to Bilbao with the Jazz in the Fair saturday

I enjoyed last saturday in Bilbao. Yes Yes! I was so lucky to enjoy that kind of ambitius event, those events that arise from the guts; they called it “a day to change the world through the art and culture – Fair Saturday“. Does it sound good to you? The title promised and the day […]