Toasting in the intimacy of a Rioja winery, buried under a medieval city; sail along the Bilbao tidal river to the Bay of Biscay, to a fishing village, to eat looking over the sea; close one of the most representative restaurants in Bilbao city centre to have dinner and listen to live music; swim underwater among sharks and manta rays, inside a totally see-through tunnel, while sharing a glass of champagne and a pintxo catering with the advice of the best female chef in the world according to Veuve Clicquot: Elena Arzak… Do you want to live your own story with your team? GO!

go Basquing celebrations
Activities that make people feel special and create a sense of togetherness. Surprises in order to give importance to an event. Depending on the needs and nature of each company, in go Basquing we take care of dynamising, logistics, transportation, media and infrastructure.