Basque tuna

Our gourmet guests know well the specific characteristics of our local white Northern Albacore compared to the common tuna. It represents the high range of tuna, differing fundamentally for its exquisite flavor, smooth texture, and white tone. Also for its size, around 10 kilograms, which provides fat and juiciness.
The Northern Albacore fishing takes place during the summer months in the waters of the Bay of Biscay using traditional selective and ecological methods. This meticulous method guarantees their quality and freshness.
We are now at the end of the tuna season. This summer we have experienced a lot of interesting activities around this fish. From savoring it in a private fishing club in Lekeitio (fishing village), going fishing using traditional and sustainable methods, visiting the fish market where we found the best and first caught fish of the day, or visiting a family owned canning company where they pack the bonito’s trunk in olive oil .
If you like to enjoy the sea, savor something exquisite, talk with the local people about the products of the area, participate in traditional fishing activities while enjoying some wine and a freshly caught fish barbecue… call us and we will prepare something unique and tailored to your needs.
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