Basque red bean soup

These days that the temperatures are low it is a pleasure to go to some farm to eat a deliciously warm bean dish. They are small local organic orchards near these typical Basque houses. Our group of guests appreciate the close encounter with the locals and they love the taste of this typical Basque dish.

A simple recipe, but with essential tricks, that must be elaborated with affection, since it requires very good raw material and patience, because the cooking must be very slow. This way you can create the perfect broth made of the legume with the vegetables and a variety of products derived from the pork (sausage, blood sausage, ribs …)
Today we visited the Aspaldiko restaurant. After catching up with a succulent dish, we opted to walk and get lost in the medieval center of Bilbao.

go Basquing moments

PS: In the Basque Country we have been European precursors in the cultivation of beans, it is believed that the seafarers who came back from the new continent brought them in. In fact, its name in the Basque language means beans of India (Indiako habak). There are three varieties with Basque label: the black of Tolosa, the red-pint of Gernika and the pint of Alava.