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Dear all, greetings from the Basque Country of Spain !

We wish you are in good health, you and your family. All our support for those who have been affected these days. We guess the business situation is delicate and we wish you strength !

We wanted to say hello and re-connect with you to walk together the next steps of the return to the life we were used to. The life where we all together were helping guests to live meaningful moments around inspiring places by creating Bepoke Stories.

We could notice that this moment is getting closer as the Basque Country will be from next Monday, 8th June, in the phase 3 where the movements between the different Basque provinces will be allowed, and then, the 1st of July the borders in the whole Spain will be open for the EU countries and Schengen area citizens.




We are focused on working together with our local partners to implement security protocols to ensure that each guest will be safe as well as being all inspired to create new stories.

For your information, one of the obligations for people over 6 years old is to use masks on the streets, in outdoor spaces and in any closed space for public use where a distance of 2 meters cannot be maintained between people (i.e. public transport).


Until we could travel together again or first time, we invite you to enjoy an appetizer of the stories hidden around the Basque Country of Spain at the following video.


On the days to come, we will share new stories to inspire you. And we would like to offer ourselves if there is anything we could do to help you to be inspired about meaninful stories to be lived around the Northern Spain. Please, get in touch.

Our warmest regards from Northern Spain and best wishes!

Go Basquing team