An inspirational warehouse

We needed privacy and all the technical resources for a group of 45 people to work comfortably. We were looking for nature, exclusiveness, authenticity and some enjoyable downtime. This is how we found this unique and fascinating landscape: Valle Salado de Añana ( Añana Salty Valley), with its old salt warehouse built in the sixteenth century, was the perfect site for some inspiration.
A white blanket next to the green and red landscapes from the vineyards of the Rioja Alavesa; while enjoying and tasting some of the salt produce here, a roast and some great wine, the sunsets are unforgettable!
A medieval town where the Romans began marketing salt which was already produced more than 6000 years ago. Interesting history and even more its locals who have fought with both technical and ongoing research, to preserve the landscape.

Congratulations on your achievement!!! I hope you soon receive a well-deserved UNESCO recognition!

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