Adventurous spirit

In 1522, when Ignacio de Loyola began his pilgrimage from his hometown, Azpeitia (Basque Country – Spain), it didn’t cross his mind that, a few centuries later, he would be made saint and that a revolutionary pope like Francisco I, would belong to the religious order that he founded, The Society of Jesus.

Currently, his house and surroundings host a religious complex highlighted by a 17th century Baroque basilica and a hostel for pilgrims. A beautiful enclave between mountains, next to the Urola river. Walking the trail traveled by Ignacio de Loyola fills the spirit. That’s why Chris Lowney, an expert in business leadership, wanted to share it with the rest of world: “If Ignacio’s way changed his life and the world, this could continue to happen today with the men and women of the 21st century.”

We know what he is talking about. We know the secrets of this trail: where to find this special place where the birds sing at dawn, where to have breakfast with homemade jam and freshly baked bread, where to hold a strategic meeting … and of course, how to organize every little detail so that our guests only have to relax, take a deep breath and prepare to live something new. Do you want to join us?